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Differences between courses


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Could you describe differences between (Weaponized hypnosis , Stop Manipulation and Verbal Assassin) and (Lazy way, Secret Agent Persuasion, Instinct Persuasion and Deep Mind Persuasion)?

And how we find what is the best course which should I start!
I Suggest, you create an online quiz which turns out deepest limiting belief and suggest which of your courses is better


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Each group intends the same outcome, but has different linguistic and behavioral techniques.

Stop Manipulation is more defensive, boundary setting within existing relationships.

Verbal assassin is like quick hits against verbal attacks.

Weaponized Hypnosis is more of a enemy brain obliteration technique.

Lazy Way and Secret Agent persuasion are covert techniques based on stated desires.

Instinct is persuasion based on general instincts.

Deep Mind Persuasion is very advanced and based on mostly subconscious thinking patterns.

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