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Be Naturally Attractive To Everybody


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One of the most common frustrations before ANY meaningful conversation is knowing what to say.

Especially if it's with somebody you don't know.

Even if it's somebody sitting next to you on an airplane.

This is something that most people wish they could do better.

Having a regular, friendly conversation with a stranger.

So much so that people who are naturally good at this are admired.

They make EVERYBODY feel comfortable.

A social magnet.

Normally, this isn't a big deal.

We are born, slide through life, pick up some friends along the way, and hopefully create some more people.

But relying on our factory programming doesn't work so much anymore.

So the typical response is to learn how to do things like this.

To "practice" social skills.

This is pretty normal under certain situations.

Like in sales.

Sales is all about talking to people specifically to build up buying desire.

Something most normal people don't normally do.

So it's natural to learn how to do this if you are going into sales.

For this reason, there is plenty of overlap, in both strategy and vocabulary, between sales and seduction.

However, this misses a very important point.

Sales is SUPPOSED to be deliberate and overt.

When salespeople are having a conversation with a customer, everybody knows what's going on.

When a job interviewer is having a conversation with an interviewee, this same process is at work.

Everybody knows what's going on.

But when talking to strangers socially, this type of strategy CAN easily backfire.

The kind of people that are naturally attractive are just being themselves.

Just by the way the are, they make others feel good.

Imagine being stuck on an airplane with a guy who "seemed" interested in you, but you had a sinking suspicion he or she had an ulterior motive.

Like getting you to join their cult or their MLM.

This is how conversations can easily feel if you are using overt sales strategies to try and create genuine human desire.

The answer not to shrug your shoulders and just assume some people are good at that kind of thing and others aren't.

There IS a very powerful conversational style that WILL make you much more attractive to many more people.

In a very natural and congruent way.

So when they, whoever they are, start to take a liking to you, it will be for their own reasons.

Their own deep, subconscious organic reasons.

This is a much broader strategy that can work on EVERYBODY.

Potential lovers or friends.

People you are already in a relationship with.

Even kids.

Which means once you make this your go-to conversational style, you will become much more attractive to everybody.

Learn How:


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