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Humans love to daydream.

Normally, this is thought to be a waste of time.

We even chastise ourselves.

You're watching an interesting movie or TV show.

Your mind starts to wander.

Then the music indicates something significant just happened.

So you go back and see what you missed.

This happens quite a bit in conversations.

Some studies indicate that if you're sitting in school watching a lecture, your mind drifts about every 10-15 seconds or so.

This is why studying on your own is about the least fun thing you can do.

Our minds like ambiguity.

Undefined things.

Particularly undefined things about our future.

Even better are undefined cool things about our future.

But to maximize this coolness, it's the things that WE can create.

It's one thing to wander down the street hoping to find a winning lottery ticket.

But something else completely when you start to learn something that could believably be applied to a much more profitable future.

Or a much socially successful future.

This is why people LOVE seminars.

Particularly the first couple of days.

People are mingling together, in kind of a state of heightened excitement.

Filled with a vague idea about what MIGHT happen.

This IS a very powerful, instinctively necessary human trait.

Even back in the day, before we even invented writing.

Imagine if you had 10-20 dudes all in prime hunting shape.

They have ALL seen what happens to successful hunters.

Lots of social validation, respect, admiration and love.

So all those dudes lay awake at night, looking up at the stars.

Wondering about how THEY might be the alpha hunter one day.

EXACTLY the same way we dream today about turning our skills into social validation, respect and love.

With a tribe of 20 dudes, that dreaming mind that is in ALL of them will lead to more success.

This simple idea, the non-stop dreaming human mind, combined with some basic statistics, AND our collective memory is EXACTLY why humans are the apex killers of Earth.

Every night, everybody's dreaming.

Statistically, SOMEBODY is going to come up with a fantastic idea.

Once they do, THAT idea will go into the collective memory.

And stay there for generations.

The human dreaming mind is our most valuable asset.

Unfortunately, for more and more people, this dreaming mind is being shut down.

Turned off.

Not given a proper outlet.

But it STILL is the easiest way to get somebody happy and excited.

Very, very quickly.

Ask the right questions about their future.

Ask the right follow up questions.

And you'll see them BEAM with pleasure desire like the brightest star in the sky.

And they will, subconsciously, automatically and naturally, associate that desire with YOU.

Learn How:


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