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Once upon a time, humans were like every other animal.

We had to chase after our food, kill it, and eat it.

This is why they think we developed arched feet and sweaty, hairless bodies.

Sweat so we could bleed off body heat, without needing to stop and pant, like the animals we were chasing.

Arched feet so absorb the impact.

Once we caught the animal, we killed it, and ate it raw.

Until a couple million years ago.

When we invented fire.

The first time we could purposely harness energy OUTSIDE our body.

This allowed us to cook food.

Which was a way to "pre-digest" it.

But it also allowed us a much better way to hunt.

Lighting a bunch of fires in strategic places, and waiting where we'd suspect the animals were running away.

This also allowed us to stay safe.

So long as we kept the fires going in our caves, we could sleep peacefully.

This is when our brains became our most important feature.

Once fire was invented, two million years ago, our brains tripled in size.

This means that having a bigger brain was both a sexual and a survival feature.

Kind of like a peacock's tail and a advanced killing machine all rolled into one.

Our bigger brains also came with something called a "collective memory."

One guy would tell everybody something, and now everybody would have that same idea in their brain.

And so long as that ancient tribe was fairly consistent in their population, generation to generation, that idea could last for HUNDREDS of years.

And since we were and are hierarchical, the people closer to the TOP get mad benefits.

Sex, status, their stories told for generations.

Our brains became a "one-stop-shop" for all our best traits.

All the other animals had to slowly evolve to keep up.

Or go extinct.

If it got cold, and the animals couldn't evolve to catch up, they did.

Not us.

If it go cold, we'd find warm animals and copy their strategies.

Or steal their insulation.

Our ideas made us who we are.

And within a hierarchy, whoever has the BEST ideas gets the most rewards.

Inside our brains is kind of like an "idea laboratory."

Where we pay attention to all the ideas around us, and DREAM about ideas that may better than the ones we hear.

This is our normal, "go to" operational procedure.

"My idea is better than your idea."

But it feels REALLY good to go on at length about our ideas.

It feels really good to meet somebody who is INTERESTED in our ideas.

It feels really good to meet somebody who not only respects and appreciates our ideas, ideas we may have NEVER shared before, but HELPS US get those ideas out of our heads.

If YOU can be this person, you will be remembered, and cherished, and loved.

Learn How:


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