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There are three very simple, yet powerful ideas, that, when put together, will make all the difference.

The first one is imagined to be good, but is really bad.

The second and third are thought to be neutral, but are, in really, utterly fantastic.

The first one:

That is the idea of SHOULD.

Most everybody has an idea of what other people SHOULD do.

This is the source of all frustration, as the Buddha once said.

Thinking somebody SHOULD do something, and then they don't, is frustrating.

You learn a pick up line or some game, and you are told it's certain to work.

So you have an intention in mind.

You have a fantastic opener, witty reframe, or some other conversational strategies.

You are certain they SHOULD work.

But they don't.

Because you were EXPECTING them to work, and they didn't, you are now angry.

You actually feel CHEATED.

You believed they SHOULD work so much, you started to BELIEVE you were ENTITLED to what you thought SHOULD happen.

But here is TRUTH.

Nobody, including you, wakes up in the morning and plans their day based on what other people thinks they (you) SHOULD do.

People do things because they WANT to.

Not because other people think they SHOULD.

Accept this hard truth and you'll be miles ahead of everybody else.

The next two are easier, much easier to understand and accept once you get rid of any "should" based expectations.

And that is everybody has UNLIMITED desires.

This is a fundamental assumption in basic economics.

Our mind-body systems are essentially walking, talking, breathing, desire generators and desire acquisition systems.

Just look inside your own brain.

All the things you've wanted, and gotten in the past.

The things you want and hope to get in the future.

This is the second idea.

What's the third idea?

This is kind of related to the first, our idea of what other people SHOULD do.

And this is every single person, including you, including me, LOVE our own ideas.

Way more than anybody else's ideas.

This is why we get frustrated when other people don't do what we think they SHOULD do.

After all, you've spent your time practicing those goofy openers.

Those stories that everybody on the Internet said are GUARANTEED to work.

So before you try them out, that idea of what you think SHOULD happen is SO FANTASTIC.

So FANTASTIC it fills up your whole brain.

But if you step back and see this from an objective standpoint, you are trying to IMPOSE your reality on a complete stranger.

Everybody is competing by out-should-ing each other.

This means NONE of our desires get out of our brains, let alone described in any articulated way.

So, flip the script.

Turn OFF your ego-based "should" ideas.

And ask them about their DESIRES.

This will make you stand out above EVERYBODY.

Learn How:


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