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Flip Polarity Of Social Anxiety


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Humans have a cause-effect generator in our brains.

Or more accurately, we assume there is a cause-effect relationship between things that are not related.

This was necessary back in the day, when life was very dangerous.

This is very hard to imagine today.

We tend to believe logically, or at the very least having logical reasons for doing things.

At the same time, if we're honest with ourselves, we'll understand everything is a numbers game.

There isn't, unfortunately, any guaranteed way to get ONE specific guy or gal to like you.

There isn't any guaranteed to get ONE specific customer to buy from you.

There isn't any guaranteed way to get ONE specific company to hire you.

However, there are plenty of ways to INCREASE your odds.

To get MORE girls to like you.

To get MORE people to buy from you.

To  get MORE job offers from MORE companies.

This is very much like the old days.

The cause-effect generator worked with the same "numbers game" that runs everything else today.

The more girls you talk to, the more you chances are.

The more girls you talk to, the more you'll improve, which will include your chances.

Same goes with sales and job interviews.

And since job interviews are free (except time and gas money and maybe dry cleaning) it's not really a bad idea to go on practice interviews.

Anyhow, how does today's "numbers game" theory compare with cause effect?

Back in the day, if you were wrong with your cause-effect assumptions nine times out of ten, but right ONE time, that would be OK.

Just like if you get shut down by nine girls and get "accepted" by the tenth, that's also OK.

So even though our "cause-effect-generator" is wrong most of the time, that's not a bad thing.

But sometimes it CAN be.

See, in the old days, when your cause-effect generator was WRONG the only cost to being wrong was running away from something that WASN'T dangerous.

Today, everything is pretty much flipped.

Back in the old days, our environment was trees, rocks, the elements, and animals.

Some of those animals were tasty.

Some were dangerous.

Today, our environment is OTHER PEOPLE.

So it's very often to lead with REVERSE polarity.

We BELIEVE people can see directly into our souls.

It works like this.

Two people see each other.

Both people imagine the other person finding the out the WORST thing about them.

So they PROJECT false confidence.

Each person interprets this FALSE confidence as EVIDENCE that they've seen deeply into our soul.

Which creates a self-sustaining loop of social anxiety.

But NOBODY can see into your soul.

Not even you.

So the simple solutions is to LEAD with confidence.

Lead with and easy to build confidence.

An easy to STRENGTHEN confidence.

And they will ASSUME your confidence is valid.

And they will defer to it.

This will IMMEDIATELY flip the polarity of that self-destructive of social anxiety.

Into a self-sustaining loop of mutual admiration and respect.

Learn How:


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