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The Two (Plus) Voices, Please can you explain the benefits?


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George, I've mentioned the videos to some people online and I think they will check them out or will.  But a couple of them asked me about the two voices thing.   I know that it helps to make the affirmations go to the subconscious mind more easily as it confuses the conscious mind a little but could you please explain to me, so I can tell them, about the benefits of it?

I think it's basically as I said, breaking down some of the conscious resistance but I'm not sure?

(When I first started using hypnosis products during the day, with my second one I ever used I initially found myself arguing with the hynotherapist - it was an mp3, so not with them directly!  But in my mind and yet with repeated listening I found myself agreeing more and more and it helped.  So i know first hand that resistance can be an issue and I think the two (or 8 or 16) voices is a way to help blast through this but can you please when you have time explain it better so that I can answer them?  I'd appreciate that, thanks.

(I'm also going to say to them, try the freebies and see what you think, it will give you a taster.  Like, try them more than just an initial listen.) 

I KNOW the two voices is a good strategy and I THINK it's also cos when you are trying to listen you can't consciously hear both voices and so some affirmations can slip into your subconscious mind more easily.  Am I warm here?



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Yep, absolutely correct. Even when people are paying $300+ a pop to listen to a hypnotist in his or her office, they're STILL resistant to the messages. The whole purpose of hypnosis is to get the conscious mind out of the way completely. These videos have three techniques that do that:


1) Affirmation overwhelm so you couldn't keep up if you tried


2) Theta backing to hold your mind at the right level


3) Presuppositions in the affirmations themselves, whenever possible.


Presuppositions work by sneaking ideas into a sentence. If I said, "You are confident," for example, you could easily say, "No, I'm not."


But if I say, "Your confidence makes you popular," even if you say, "No it doesn't," you still accept that you have confidence, it just doesn't make you popular.

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