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There's an interesting scene from the old movie, "Jaws."

That movie has a lot of iconic scenes.

This isn't really one of them.

But it is kind of interesting.

Not likely an original scene, as this particular scene, in different forms, but the same structure, can be found everywhere.

Not just the movies.

Anyhow, it was early in the movie.

A few people had washed up dead.

A bunch of people were arguing over what to do.

Nobody had any real authority.

Everybody was talking over everybody else.

The one dude shut them all up by dragging his fingernails over the chalk board.

Once they all shut up, he explained what was what.

Another similar scene was in "The Road Warrior."

Part II of the original Mad Max.

Max had found a relatively safe compound.

But they needed to move, but they had to smuggle out their secret stash of petrol.

Similar to the scene from Jaws, everybody was talking over each other.

Finally Max silenced them all by whistling.

Once he had their attention, he gave them the solution.

"Two days ago I saw a vehicle that can haul that tanker.

You wanna get out of here? Talk to me."

All humans are driven by instincts.

Food, sex, safety.

And a ton of social instincts.

As much as we pretend we don't care what others think, we do.

If we show up and people stop talking, look at us, and then pretend nothing happens, that feels HORRIBLE.

On the other hand, if we solve some problem, and then return to our "group" and they spontaneously give us a standing ovation, that feels fantastic.

Most of the time, we are safely in the middle.

Doing everything we can to avoid the negative side.

And trying our best to come up with any answer to any potential problem.

Normally this evolves into those "idea contests" where everybody is talking over each other.

Our deep fantasy is to be that guy that has the REAL answer.

To wait patiently, send some signal for everybody to shut the F up, and then drop in the solution.

And then calmly drop in the Mad Max solution:

"You wanna get out of here? Talk to me."

In the movies, this has to be heavily dependent on content.

Content that is part of the story.

How to find and kill the shark.

How to escape the crazy motorcycle killers hanging around outside your compound.

But this desire, to be "the guy" with the solution is WAY more ancient.

Which means it's NOT based on content.

It can't be.

It's based on deep confidence, deep feelings of certainty.

This simple idea, "you wanna get out of here, you talk to me," does not even need words.

The right glance, the right head movement is often all you need.

And when you can speak like a true leader, with true authority, words won't matter.

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