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Make A Magnificent First Impression


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They say that first impressions are hard to change.

This is kind of true.

But the part that is generally misunderstood is the "first impression" part.

Another corollary to this is we make a first impression in ten seconds.

This CAN be true, but it's often not.

This idea, of first impressions being made in tens seconds or so REQUIRES we have a lot of data.

This is unfortunately WHY many guys have the wrong idea about the ladies.

For example, imagine a typical guy, flirting with a lady across the room.

The guy sees her.

The guy finds her attractive.

Then when she glances at him a few times, it feels fantastic.

This is where assumptions go crazy.

Since the dude has already made up his mind that she's hot, and she's smiled at him a few times, he assumes the feeling is mutual.

Then he walks over and starts a conversation.

And crashes and burns.

Unfortunately, for guys, the first impression they make requires MUCH more data than the one the ladies make.

The first impression a lady makes is based more on looks.

And once it's established in anybody's brain that she's hot, anything she say will be filtered THROUGH that previously established filter.

This is otherwise known as the halo effect.

For dudes, people, not just ladies, need more data BEYOND looks.

Otherwise known as frame.

How he carries himself.

This is actually good news.

Because for dudes, this is something they can ALWAYS improve.

How you walk.

How you speak.

How you handle "frame tests."

And it's all based on how you view your inner self.

Since how you view your inner self, on a true level, will drive all your behaviors.

And this is one of those form-function things.

Form drives function, and function drives form.

All it really takes is a slight shift.

Specifically, how you speak.

If you walk over there and speak with uncertainty, that will make her, or anybody else, question their first assessment.

This will invite tests.

And if you respond to those tests with self-doubt in your voice, the tests will get harder.

If, on the other hand, if you lead with a strong and confident voice, that will invite another response.

A positive response.

Which makes it EASIER to speak in a confident voice.

Which will invite even more pleasant responses.

Creating an attraction-virtuous cycle.

And when it comes to form-function, how you speak is the EASIEST thing you can practice.

And will get you the best results.

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