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I remember once, a long time ago, when the CEO of the company I worked for came to pay us a visit.

This guy was widely respected, not only in the company, but in the business world in general.

He, and is brain, were largely responsible for the company being as successful as it was.

But how he specifically impressed me had nothing to do with his business skills.

But at the same, how he impressed me had EVERYTHING to do with this business skills.

He was just about to give us, all the workers, blue collar and white collar,  kind of "motivational speech."

Not a flim-flam, guru type but a well prepared REASON why our products were so important.

They were.

It was a huge company, with tons of divisions, that made medical products.

Product used in surgery, etc.

So we literally were "saving lives."

Yeah, we had competitors who made the same stuff.

So it wasn't like if we stopped operations a bunch of people would drop dead.

But it was kind of cool working for a company that made life saving tools and equipment.

Any how, we were all outside, and the dude starts talking.

It was sprinkling slightly, and he made a joke, and kept on rolling.

Then the power cut out.

No more mic.

What did this super genius CEO do?

He glanced briefly to the side, realizing there was a problem.

Then he said something like, "eh, who needs a mic," and kept on talking.

Only he spoke loudly, confidently, and purposely.

Everybody could hear him.

As if nothing happened.

This kind of inner confidence was likely one of the fundamental elements of his CEO skills.

Not just the words he said, but how confidently, and loudly.

Many others would have stopped, blamed others, etc.

Not this dude.

Funny thing, is his HOW people used to speak.

No emails, no social media, not even a mic.

Watch the old movie, "Julius Caesar," with Marlon Brando playing Mark Antony.

The guy gave the famous, "I come not to praise Caesar, but to bury him," speech.

This is how humans used to speak to crowds.

No mic, and often a hostile audience.

Belting out a voice with such confidence that no resistance gets through.

Another example of this is from the movie, "The Lost City of Z."

True story about a British guy who wanted to get funding for the search for ancient cities in central and South America.

Dude's up in front of wealth British guys, all taking turns trying to shout him down.

The main character is up there, handling it like a boss.

No mics.

Not like modern comics have a mic, and nobody else does.

Speak with this much confidence, and people's brains will automatically shut off.

Speak like an ancient orator, and people will wonder who the heck you are.

Use your voice like the powerful instrument it was meant to be, and dominate.

Learn How:


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