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Acquired tastes are pretty cool.

We tend to think of them as taking time, and not being instantly delicious.

For example, once I had a Vietnamese coworker.

She brought in some Vietnamese food to work.

Our boss came in, took a bite and said:

"Hmm, must be an acquired taste."

Which is the opposite of saying:

"Wow, this is delicious!"

Saying it must be an acquired taste is kind of like saying you think it tastes like crap but you get that other people like it.

But even that statement is not accurate.

Since she's Vietnamese, she's always eaten that food, and it's probably always tasted good.

It would be kind of weird to have a culture that has to develop an acquired taste for their own food.

Of course, since we live on fast food planet, where all food is chemically engineered to not only taste IMMEDIATELY delicious but be VERY addictive, it's hard to imagine an acquired taste.

But it happens.

For example, if you drink coffee, particularly black coffee, once upon a time that tasted terrible.

UNTIL you felt the caffeine buzz.

Your brain associated the good feeling of the buzz with the taste of your coffee.

Same with alcohol.

Nobody enjoys the taste of alcohol.

UNTIL you feel the buzz.

Then you associate the feeling of the buzz with the taste.

Other acquired tastes take longer.

Like if you are serious about getting into shape.

And you SLOWLY shifted from a diet of nachos to chicken and broccoli.

If you are ONLY concerned with the taste, nobody would ever eat chicken and broccoli.

But as you slowly get into shape, build your confidence, starting get more looks from sexy people, that feels good.

All those good feelings are associated with the taste of chicken.

And the fear of losing all your gains (confidence and glances from sexy people) is associated with the nachos.

So you actually feel BAD when you eat nachos.

This kind of thing isn't ONLY associated with food.

We humans are plenty of acquired "behavior" that isn't IMMEDIATELY gratifying.

But once you build up a habit and see the LONG TERM gains of doing what is initially not pleasurable in itself, this when the cool things start to happen.

This is what WILL happen when you TRAIN IN the idea and behavior of outcome independence.

At first, it's HARD to leave a pleasant conversation without hanging on for dear life.

Pleasant conversations with strangers are like food.

Our instincts want us to "consume" as much as you can.

But when you "leave some on your plate" this builds.

What does it build into?

If you leave every conversation WITHOUT closing, without hanging on for dear life, this will build MASSIVE social confidence.

You'll build a naturally outgoing personality.

One that OTHER PEOPLE will pursue.

Which means you'll never need to worry about closing ever again.

Learn How:


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