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How many subliminals, programs to listen to?


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Hi George@admin et al.,


How many subliminals, programs, courses should I listen to at the same time each day?


For ex., I have superlearning course, nlp power subliminal, destroy fear subliminal, debt free subliminal, willpower subliminal, affirmation accelerator subliminal and the willpower course.


I'm also thinking of buying the hypnotic copywriting course.


Can I use the superlearning course to superlearn the willpower course and the hypnotic copywriting course and other copywriting courses I have?


Or should I only use the willpower course to study the other copywriting courses I have and get clients?


Should I only do one subliminal at a time? For how long?


Or should I do one course at a time? For how long?


Or can I combine them all? Mix them? I've seen somewhere that some users have mixed all their subliminals together.


My goal is to become a full time freelancer.  


Please help. 


Thank you.

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Listen based on what best creates a consistent schedule.

Listen toward whatever intentions are most important.

If your goal is to become a full time freelancer, listen toward getting the first step in that direction.

Create a mix of about an hour a so a day, of learning and practicing.

Then listen to one subliminal before sleep, focusing on your biggest intention for the next day.

Try to create a daily habit:

learning - action - journaling - subliminal

Because creating a rock solid habit of doing this every day is more important than the order of courses or subliminals, so start off with Willpower.

Once you develop a steady habit, your intuition will be your best guide.


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