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Conquer The Straits of Fear


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One of my favorite "poetic" lines is from the song, Kashmir, by Led Zeppelin.

Expressed thusly:

"Oh father of the four winds fill my sails

Cross the sea of years

With no provision but an open face

Along the straits of fear"

A lot of their lyrics are based on Norse mythology.

With gods of the ocean, etc.

One common theme of all cultures is mythology and religion.

We humans seem to have an instinctive need for a kind of "metaphorical space" in which to create role models.

Stories, mythology and full blown religion can be seen as ideal, best case role model.

People to beseech when we need help.

People who imagine are helping us along dangerous and treacherous paths.

We can even do an imaginary split test to see.

First, we'll imagine a tribe of people with zero belief in anything other than what they can see.

Second, we'll imagine a tribe rich with an imaginary collection of metaphorical archetypes who are always watching out for them.

Both tribes are facing off against an angry and cornered wooly mammoth.

If they kill him, they can relax and feast for a couple weeks.

But if they try and fail, the angry monster with huge spears attached to his face may murder half of them.

The tribe motivated by their gods would try just a little bit harder.

The tribe with only what they can see and remember would be a little bit less motivated.

Play this split test a few hundred times, and the tribe protected by their imaginary gods would slowly out-populate the non-god-tribe.

Gods or imaginary archetypes are NOT logical.

But they are very, very necessary.

One of my favorite movie lines is from the last Harry Potter movie.

After Dumbledore came and explained everything to Harry after Dumbledore had died.

Harry looked at him and asked:

"Is this real, or is this my imagination?"

The wizard came back with the wizard reframe:

"Of course it's in your imagination, but that doesn't mean it's not real."

The gods were real enough for ancient hunters.

Those praying to the father of the four winds would have an advantage over guys with only desperately crossed fingers.

These are indications of our utterly critical emotions.

The emotionally charged hunters charging the wooly mammoth would do much better than some ancient Vulcan trying to calculate the hypotenuse of the best angle to throw his spear.

Non-emotional tasks are very, very boring.

Studying algebra.

Doing your taxes (well not really non-emotional...)

Balancing your checkbook.

But emotional endeavors are where ALL the fun is.

Falling in love.

Conquering your enemies.

Having a linguistic throw down with your buddies.

The moral of this story is clear.

The MORE emotions you can feel, and express, and USE strategically, the better your life will be.

Learn How:


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