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Dale Carnegie Fiction Strategy


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One of the biggest rules in fiction is "show, don't tell."

A closely related rule is Dale Carnegie's rule of persuasion.

That is, you can get anybody to do anything if you convince them it was their idea.

How are these two similar?

Imagine a ideal sales page.

One such ideal sales page was for the Wall Street Journal.

Told as a story.

Once upon a time there were two guys.

Both guys were similar in pretty much everything.

Same background, same college degree from similar colleges.

Same marriages to the same kind of women.

But one guy killed in his career, the other guy didn't.

The difference was one had access to information.

Of course, the sales page was much, much longer than that short description.

Much longer and it really DID read like a short story.

Hooking the reader in.

The reasons this sales page "worked" were many.

But it was carefully written so the reader would come to the conclusion, ON THEIR OWN, that access to information was the key.

And of course, that access can only come with a subscription to the Wall St. Journal.

A decision that was organically "created" in the mind of the reader.

One, they SHOWED, through short storytelling that one guy got rich because he had access to information.

Show, don't tell.

Two, they allowed the reader to come to that conclusion on their own.

Dale Carnegie.

This is just as true in one on one persuasion and seduction.

Whatever it is you want them to do, it MUST be their idea.

But the "show don't tell" part needs to be tweaked a little.

For example, if you WANT to create attraction, you have to CREATE that feeling of attraction.

You can't just say, "be attracted" to be.

Even if that's delivered through a powerful series of nested loops and quotes patterns, it HAS to be delivered so it WILL create attraction.

Meaning all the other emotions MUST be there.

If you repeat a story PERFECTLY, even a well written set of nested loops, it will fall flat.

Imagine if you wanted to make a video sales page.

So you hired the best video sales copywriter in the world.

But by the time you got the copy, you were all out of money.

So you used a text to voice program.

Would it work?


This is the missing link in all persuasion and seduction.

Whether you're just having an organic conversation, giving a sales presentation, or using a carefully calibrated set of loops, you NEED emotions.

And when your spoken words are floating on top of congruently flowing emotions, they will FOLLOW you.

To ANY emotion you like.

Learn How:


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