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The Myth That Keeps You Lonely


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There's a common myth about male-female relationships.

It's a comforting myth, which is true of most, if not all myths.

Myths ARE myths because they can't be proven.

But they SEEM to be true because we accept them, we see evidence of them everywhere.

This is a function of confirmation bias.

Even more dangerous is if common myth has a couple of other "Cialdini ideas" supporting it.

Namely, social proof, potential authority, and commitment and consistency.

Each one of these helps ideas to slide into our heads.

For example, say you try to get a lady to "like you," and you fail.

You try again, and you fail.

So you go online, and express your frustration.

You are told about this "myth" and it soothes your nerves.

After all, if you found it was YOUR fault, that would suck.

That would mean you needed to do a LOT of practice.

Practice doing things that are TERRIFYING.

Talking to pretty girls over and over again.

Getting rejected over and over again.

Until you FINALLY got it right.

That is terrible just to think about.

So you go online, and talk to your buddies.

Enter the "myth."

This "myth" solves everything.

Firstly, you can pretend it's not YOUR fault.

It's the very NATURE of women.

Once you accept that comfortable myth, you stat looking for evidence.

And your confirmation is always happy to help.

So you go back to your online network and report your findings.

Just the act of posting this invokes the rule of commitment and consistency.

Once you publicly proclaim something, it's VERY difficult to take it back.

A bunch of your online bros agree.

Now you've got an externalizing myth (not my fault, THEIR fault).

You've also got commitment and consistency.

You've also got social proof.

And if this online community is BIG enough, there's likely authority.

Somebody posts a YouTube vid of a "guru" who's got a few hundred thousand followers.

This makes it VERY difficult to STOP believing this myth.

Now for the very DIFFICULT question.

Are you satisfied with NOT getting some action, so long as you've got all these comforting reasons why it's NOT your fault?

Or would you rather GET some?

Not just a little bit, but a lot.



So, what's the myth?

The myth is that women are emotional, men are logical.

Not true.

Not even a little bit.

NOBODY is logical.

Humans are not Vulcans.

We are not angels.

We are primates who are only learned to think and talk in a BLINK of an eye's time.

Watch a bunch of dudes watching a down-to-the-wire game and try to find ANY logic in there.

Watch a video a guy holding his first child and try to find logic.

There is none.

Pure, human emotion.

There IS a bit of a difference between female emotions and male emotions.

But that doesn't really matter.

Because genuine human emotion will get you much, much further than a FALSE BELIEF in logic.

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