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A study was done on plenty of fictional books.

To figure out what the overall structure was.

And they found a certain short term pattern in nearly all of them.

A good thing happened, and then a bad thing happened.

Some of these were small, almost insignificant events, some were much larger.

On a more meta level, you can find a bigger structure.

Protagonist, Antagonist, build up, massive conflict, and (usually) happy ending.

Or not "happy" ending, but a "satisfying" ending.

Even thought some characters might not make it, the ending has a feeling of "completeness."

One of the songs by the Beatles has an very huge ending.

"A Day In The Life," has a huge orchestral buildup in the end.

The buildup ends on a chord of MASSIVE tension.

Then there is a pause, and FINALLY, the release.

This a very "satisfying" ending.

The tension is resolved.

This is in most music, down to the chord progressions.

Tension followed by release.

Cycling throughout the entire song.

Now, why do we humans CRAVE this kind of thing?

You might wonder which came first, story structure or human nature?

Or how, specifically did "they" create fiction and music and poetry to MATCH our deep emotions so specifically?

It's the same basic process of natural selection.

Imagine a group of ancient cavemen way back in the day.

Kids would grow up listening to a bunch of different stories around the campfires.

Some stories would be EPIC.

The kind that stirred their emotions, and lay awake at night under the stars with ONE powerful dream about the hero of those stories:

"When I grow up, I'm going to be JUST like him."

On the other hand, there were likely stories that absolutely SUCKED.

The responses to those stories were much different.


"Dude, WTF?! That story was LAME!"

Here's the natural selection part.

When all those kids grew up, and it was THEIR turn to tell stories around the campfire, which stories did they tell?

The ones they remembered.

The ones that stirred their emotions.

The ones that stirred their most POWERFUL emotions of ambition, love, loss, anger, fear, hatred, and the final satisfying ending.

Not the lousy stories that didn't make any sense.

Stories, movies, music, all art has similarly been passed through this organic, natural selection filter system.

What's the META takeaway for all this?

Humans are EMOTIONAL.

The more profoundly you can move their emotions, the more they'll admire you, want to be around you, and follow you.

But most people today are emotionally crippled.

Most of us can only share a very small range of emotions.

Learn about, appreciate and be comfortable expressions all your emotions, and you don't have to worry about anything else.

Learn How:


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