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A while ago I saw some pictures of what life was like during the Soviet Union.

They had a big room where people were all selling things.

But all everybody was selling were apples.

There's one Monty Python movie about a marketplace during some ancient plague or other catastrophic event.

Some dude had a table and was selling nothing.

And he was pitching his nothing like crazy.

"I've got nothing for sale! Come and get your nothing!"

Imagine getting excited about going to see a world famous symphony.

You wore a tux, got their early, put on your best behavior.

But as soon as they started playing, they only played ONE note.

Over and over and over.

A couple years ago some Swedish film company made an "experimental" movie.

The kind of goofy movie where people sit and watch and imagine how intellectually superior they are for watching a deep movie only self-described super geniuses can understand.

Only this movie had three weirdos standing on a beach.

They just stood there, not speaking, not moving.

And the movie was seventeen hours long.

Different angles, and filters, etc.

Imagine if a ice cream store wanted to compete with 31 flavors.

Their angle would be that they only have ONE flavor.

Vanilla or something.

Sure, all of these are silly ideas.

But this is how most of us operate.

By only have a FEW emotions that we feel comfortable expressing.

We laugh when something's funny.

We are dutifully impressed when somebody shares a story.

At the same time, we are DESPERATE to show our emotions.

This is why when an attractive person tells an otherwise lame joke, all the people around him or her laugh like it's the BEST joke they've ever heard.

Or when an attractive person shares an otherwise lame story about some "clever" thing they did.

Everybody acts like they're the next Einstein.

"Wow, that's so AWESOME! You're so AWESOME!"

This is what you get when you can express a couple emotions.

Like a piano with only a couple of keys.

If that's all you got, you bang on those two keys as often and as hard as you can.

And if you are competing with other pianos, that's pretty much all you can do.

Impress everybody with how hard and often you can bang on your keys.

Unfortunately, with a only a two-keyed piano, that's the ONLY thing you'll be banging.

But suppose you show up with a full fledged, 88 key piano.

And you can play absolutely BEAUTIFUL music.

Notes, chord, melodies.

You will DESTROY all the two-key bangers.

First, you have to FIND all your inner "keys."

And then you need to learn how to play them.

Not learn how.

Remember how.

Do that and EVERYBODY will be impressed.

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