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alexandnria's genesis


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I've recently gotten in to a relationship and have introduced my partner to the mind persuasion programs

long story short she loves these programs and on her behalf i would like to make a request for Alexandria's genesis 



 I now allow the new me to emerge

i now control 100% of my body at the molecular level

All of my dominant genes are strong and superior

I have superior DNA

I have the Alexandria's genesis gene in my DNA

Alexandria's genesis is a dominant gene within my DNA

my DNA expresses the Alexandria's genesis gene majestically 

 the color of my iris is dark purple

i have perfect 20/20 vision

i am naturally free from all body hair

i am naturally  free from all pubic hair

i am naturally free from all anal hair

I naturally have beautiful long eye lashes

my eyelashes are healthy thick and strong

i naturally have a beautiful full head of hair

 my natural full head of hair is healthy thick and strong

i have beautiful thick and gradual eyebrows

my eyebrows are always on fleek

my eyebrows are healthy thick and strong

i have naturally have beautiful full lips

my lips full lips are healthy and perfect

i have intense long lasting orgasms

i am always fertile

i never mensturate

i am free from menstural cycles 

i always have perfect health

my body is in perfect condition

my body is strong and invincible

my mind is in perfect condition

my mind is strong and invincible 

my vagina is always beautiful and healthy

my vagina never bleeds 

my vagina is always fertile

my vagina always smells sweet and pleasant

my hormones are always perfectly balanced

i never get headaches

i am immune to premenstrual syndrome 

i am immune to all forms of migranes

i am immune to all forms of headaches

i am always healthy and vibrant

i am immune to all diseases

i am immune to all viruses

i am immune to all poisons

i am immune to all toxins

i am invincble

I have an ectomorphic body type

i am an ectomorph

i  have a strong sexy and curvy figure

i can eat whatever i want and retain my beautiful body type

my skin is immune to sun burn

i am always healthy

i always retain my youth

i have an unlimited supply of human growth hormone within my body

everyday my body produces over 100 miligrams of human growth hormone

i love having an infinite supply of human growth hormone within my body

my offspring only inherent the strongest and most superior genes from me and their father

i am the proud owner of the alexandrias genesis gene

i love how alexandrias genesis gene perfectly expresses its self through me





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