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One of the coolest ideas, in my option, about the big bang is the idea of time and space.

Meaning that time and space itself expanded after the big bang.

For example, imagine a balloon, existing as a tiny speck.

Then the balloon quickly inflates.

And suppose there are a bunch of self aware, really tiny societies living on the surface of the balloon.

So long as the balloon will continuously expand (like they think the universe is) every society will think THEY are the center of the universe.

No matter which point of view you take, you'll look at all the other societies and see them as ALL going further away from you.

At the same time, EVERYBODY started at that same tiny point.

So everybody is expanding away from everybody else.

AND everybody has a legitimate claim on being the center of the universe.

One of the biggest confusions within our self-aware monkey brain is correlation and causation.

For example, say something happened a long, long time ago.

But nobody remembers it, since it was so long ago.

And everything that happens TODAY is an "effect" for that thing long, long ago.

This is one of the reasons we confuse causation for correlation.

If event A causes events B, C, D, and E, then B, C, D, and E will all be correlated.

But if you don't remember or know about A, then trying prove anything OTHER than correlation between B, C, D, and E will be futile.

Even WORSE is everybody will have their own pet theories of HOW B, C, D, and E are related.

But since nobody remembers A, they'll all be CLOSE but not entirely correct.

Close enough so they think their idea is the RIGHT one.

But not able to prove anything, so everybody else can have a REASON to disagree.

This is, essentially, the modern dating market.

What do girls like?

Guys with money, right?


Otherwise ex-con bad boys would never be able to get laid.

They like pretty boy Chad types, right?

Nope, plenty of evidence of ugly ass dudes getting plenty of action.

They like famous people like rock stars and movie stars, right?

Nope those dudes get raked over the coals during divorce just like everybody else.

All these ideas of what women "like" are like the B, C, D, and E.

They are all RESULTS of "A," which is what they REALLY want.

B, C, D, and E USED TO BE signs of A.

But that was long ago.

Now, you may have B, C, D, and E but NOT A.

B, C, D and E are all outward expressions.

Money, fame, looks, gorgeous face and six packs.

A is very INTERNAL.

A subconscious view of yourself and the world.

And it comes out through how you speak, walk and act.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to fake.

So when YOU build it, you WILL dominate.


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