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Reverse Polarity Shark Strategy


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Life can be very, very confusing.

At least from a mathematical standpoint.

If you are a fan of mathematics, even passively, then you've heard of Chaos theory.

On one hand, everything allegedly follows the laws of physics.

Except down on the quantum level, where things are driven by probability.

But even atoms and molecules follow laws.

They don't behave randomly.

Everything follows laws.

Otherwise recipes wouldn't work.

Your GPS wouldn't work.

Planes wouldn't fly and the sun rise in different places every day.

But complex systems don't SEEM to do this.

A flock of birds is a beautiful example.

Each bird has a certain set of "rules."

Stay a certain distance from each bird around it.

That's it.

But put a couple thousand of these up in the sky, and you get these very cool looking, but completely random, chaotic patterns.

Each bird has a biological body.

Each bird needs to stay within certain temperatures and conditions.

Each bird has to follow the laws of aerodynamics when it flies.

It's heard and lungs and circulatory system are similarly bound by EXTREMELY complex laws of organic chemistry and microbiology.

Yet stick all these individual, law abiding organisms together and it's MAGIC.

Now, try and imagine how complex we HUMANS are.

Particularly in a social setting.

Birds are simple.

Stay two feet away from everybody around you, (up, down, right, left, front back,) and Bob's your uncle.

But humans?

We also have the SAME basic rules.

Feel good, don't feel bad.

The same basic strategy to DO that.

Hang out with people who like us.

Avoid people who want to kill us.

Try and have sex.

But one brief glance of eye contact, and you get that chaos in your brain.

Like birds swirling around in beautiful patterns, we get chaotic patterns swirling around in our brains.

Did she look?

Did she think I was somebody else?

Should I walk over?

What if I'm making a mistake?

What if she really wants me and I chicken out?

There is ONE variable that can CLEAR all this junk out.

There's a similar video like the birds, only it was of fish.

Fish have the same basic strategy.

Stay a certain distance from all the other dudes around you.

They create the same chaos patterns as birds.

Except the video had a shark in there.

Trying to eat the fish.

But the poor shark kept striking out.

Once the shark was in the picture, the fish had a slightly ALTERED strategy.

Stay a certain distance from all the other fish (front, back, left, right, above, below) AND stay away from the shark.

This poor shark saw a HUGE buffet, and figured he was going to chow down.

But dude couldn't get ANY fish.

He kept swimming around that school of fish and all he could get his teeth on was open water.

This is the secret of social power.

Instead of being a shark, which is a predator, develop the ONE skill that will have the opposite effect.

And be a magnet.

Instead of staying away from you, people be attracted to you.

Learn How:


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