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The Myth Of Feminine Mystery


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It's common to complain about "what women want."

Ask a bunch of women what they want, and they'll give you a bunch of different answers.

Ask a bunch of men what women want, and they'll give a bunch of different answers.

But this is does not mean, as many claim, that women are mysterious creatures that nobody, not even women, can understand.

This is actually a function of human nature.

It's got NOTHING to do with women, or any metaphorical ideas about femininity.

And it IS somewhat related to the idea of the feminine being associated with "chaos" within many, many ancient and modern mythologies.

First, we need to understand how humans were calibrated.

We've been humans for 200,000 years.

Same brains, same bodies, same desires, same fantasies.

We've been living in large societies for only about 10,000 years.

Electricity and communication for a couple hundred.

Internet and social media for about 20.

So, first we need to understand what women wanted back in our natural habitat.

Women wanted a man, and a baby.

We are humans, not angels, not Vulcans, not aliens.

We've been split from chimps for 6 million years.

Humans for 0.2 million out of those 6.0 million.

All animals, including humans, want food and sex more than ANYTHING.

The problem with us humans is we take a LONG TIME to become self sufficient.

So women, or rather her instincts, can't just pick any random guy who spits some decent game.

Not back when it really mattered.

When sleeping with the wrong dude meant certain death.

Under those situations, what women wanted was very, very simple.

The dude with the MOST social status possible.

The guy with the most social status got that through consistently providing TONS of calories.

You kill a big animal, you HAVE to share most of it.

And the REWARDS for that are social status and sexual attraction.

Women wanted the HIGHEST status male they could get.

Men wanted the HOTTEST lady they could get.

Easy peasy.

Men competed by LEADERSHIP.

Since killing a large animal took a well organized team of killers.

Women competed by beauty.

So here we are in modern life.

Women STILL want the same thing.

Men STILL want the same thing.

For men, it's easy, but frustrating.

For guys, there is NO QUESTION who is hot and who isn't.

But for women, they must choose between a TON of dudes, all with more or less FAKE status.

Even worse is a marketing idea.

That we silly monkey people have MORE than 5 choices, we CAN'T decide.

Even pasta sauce companies know this.

The sweet spot of choices is between 3 and 5.

This is when they get the MOST sales.

Too few choices, and they'll choose another brand.

Too many choices and they'll choose another brand.

So, what's the answer?

Continue to bemoan the mysterious modern woman who doesn't know what she wants?

Or demonstrate some REAL status and BE what she wants?

Learn How:


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