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Led Zeppelin And Schroedinger's Cat


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Here's an interesting riddle you can use next time you're hanging out with some buddies.


What does capitalism, Led Zeppelin, Schroedinger's cat, and the Big Bang have in common?

These are all labels given by "enemies" or "adversaries" or "non-believers" to an idea that was later accepted by the idea people.

For example, "capitalism" was a label created by Marxists, to make capitalism seem more evil, so the Marxists could more easily defeat it.

Jimmy Page was famously at some party talking about putting a new band together.

He explained it, and somebody said, "Yeah, that'll go over like Led Zeppelin," which means it won't work.

The idea of Schroedinger's cat was created by a guy who thought quantum physics was a silly idea.

"So you're saying that a light is both a particle and a wave at the same time? Yeah right! I'll get you got a cat in a box that is both alive and dead at the same time!"

One old school science guy came up with the idea that the universe just decided to "poof" into existence.

And a radio host was talking about it like it was a dumb idea.

"So, let me get this straight, once upon a time there was nothing, and then some big, what, bang? created everything? Dumbest idea I've ever heard!"

One of Orwell's ideas was that the government will change the meanings of names to suit their purpose.

This is where the famous:

"Freedom = slavery" idea comes from.

To be sure, the meaning of words can change quite a bit.

In the previous four examples, those are kind of extreme.

They originators of the idea took the negative label and flipped it around.

If you said, "Led Zeppelin" in the fifties, it would immediately conjure up meanings of utter failure.

But if I heard that today, I'd immediately be filled with fond memories of college, loud music, and circulating blunts.

Linguists have noted that with the invention of the internet, new words and changes in meaning of existing words are changing much more rapidly.

Even in the dating world, there are TONS of "labels" that didn't even exist five years ago.

For example, there are plenty of -cel words.

Starting with "incel" which, in case you don't know, means "involuntarily celibate."

Dudes that want nothing more than to get laid, but can't.

Another word that has been mangled all over the place is "alpha."

In it's original use, it means the ONE "animal," sometimes a wolf, sometimes a human, that is THE leader of THE pack.

Today it can mean anything related to confidence.

But imagine being in the presence of a REAL alpha, way back in the day.

The ONE GUY who everybody depended on.

The ONE GUY who was responsible for keeping everybody ALIVE.

That guy would be a kajillion times more attractive than any "wanna be" alpha today.

And if you can understand what alpha meant THOUSANDS of years ago, and walk and talk and think like that, you WILL radiate ANCIENT alpha energy.

Not modern, "pretend" alpha energy.

Learn More:


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