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There is a lot of advice that makes sense.

It makes sense because it matches our experience.

It makes sense because it's simple to understand.

But what's commonly lacking is how, specifically, to do that regularly, automatically, and more importantly UNCONSCIOUSLY.

Most of what we do is auto pilot.

Unless we have to give an important speech, or we are getting ready to go on a first date, our behavior is autopilot.

This is why actors seem like such a mess when they are filmed speaking off the cuff.

Even when they go on talk shows, they prepare how they will answer those questions.

So even in talk shows, when they have time to prepare, and they know the questions they're going to get, the are essentially "acting."

One of the biggest shocks that came out of the Watergate scandal way back in the day with Nixon was how those dudes spoke when they thought they WEREN'T being recorded.

Not that they were dropping f-bombs.

But their grammatical structure was a mess.

That is their NATURAL communication state.

Most of our natural communication state is similarly a mess.

"Uh, yeah, what about that, uh, thing, the other, um..."

In the context of a friendly conversation this is fine.

But most of us naturally want MORE than what we have.

Better relationships, better bodies, better jobs.

So those common pieces of advice SEEMS to be good advice.

Because we've experienced it, AND it makes sense.

For example, a common piece of advice is to "be yourself."

Everybody has examples in their memory of being themselves and it working out.

The question is HOW do you "be yourself" ALL THE TIME?

Everybody is themselves until they see a stunning beauty looking in their direction.

The same goes with the common advice of "be outcome independent."

Everybody can remember a time when they WERE outcome independent and it worked fantastically.

But again, how do you BE outcome independent as your natural state?

Another similar advice is to be confident with eye contact.

You look, meet their eyes, and hold it longer than they do.

EVERYBODY has experience doing this.

Of seeing a hot guy or girl.

Of meeting their eyes.

And THEM breaking off eye contact FIRST.

And THEN quickly looking back.

This FEELS very good.

But how do you do this CONSISTENTLY?

How can you make this your NATURAL behavior?

The answer is based on inner game.

The ONE THING many people are terrified of (or creates instant and usually subconscious anxiety) is UNEXPECTED eye contact.

It's one thing to PREPARE to make confident eye contact ahead of time.

But how can you respond to unexpected eye contact with relaxed, enjoyable confidence?

So that is your NATURAL state?

You can learn how here:


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