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I Heard She Likes You!


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We humans have a lot of biases.

It's really, really hard to see these in ourselves.

But really easy to see in others.

The question is, why do we have such strong biases?

These didn't just pop into our brains on accident.

Well, that's not true.

Everything about us DID pop in by accident.

The good stuff is kept, the bad stuff is tossed out.

"Kept" meaning the people who had the good stuff got to live.

"Tossed out" meaning that the people who had the bad stuff didn't.

Or at least didn't live long enough to have kids.

So somewhere along the line, we got language, memory, and a TON of biases.

The question is how, specifically, did these biases help us?

One way to think about this is to focus on the two MOST IMPORTANT things to survival.

Both as individuals and as a species.

As individuals, food is THE most important thing to not die.

As a species, sex is THE most important thing to not go extinct.

So a reasonable assumption would be that our biases helped us to get food AND to get laid.

Take confirmation bias, for example.

If you were out hunting, and plenty of your people depended on you, confirmation bias would be a big help.

It would ONLY point out things that might lead to food.

This is kind of like when you're walking down the street, and you see something out of the corner of your eye that LOOKS LIKE it might be money.

You turn your head excitedly, and find that it's really a piece of paper that LOOKS like money, but only from your peripheral vision.

This is a pretty "binary" use.

This is money (food)! ...no it's not.

That's money (food)! ... no it's not.

But what about sex?

Sex is to make babies, in case you hadn't heard.

But babies are very, very expensive.

Both in time and resources AND they make a lot of noise.

And back in the day, it absolutely required two people.

One to watch the kid, one to get enough food to feed everybody.

So MOST of emotions regarding sex are NOT the initial sexual urge.

They are kind of like supporting emotions.

Both before and after the baby making act.

You might remember what this was like, back at school.

You "heard" or "suspected" that somebody LIKED you.

Before, they were just a pretty face. 

Or maybe not.

But once you hear that somebody LIKES you?

That changes EVERYTHING.

In fact, you may say that realizing or noticing or even HOPING that somebody LIKES YOU is the most powerful emotion their is.

Once you think somebody likes you (even if you're wrong) you CANNOT get that person off your mind.

Here's the good news.

You can BE that person to many, many people.

Learn How:


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