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We silly humans have a hard time with cause and effect.

Particularly when things are linked.

But plenty of things can be mathematically linked, but have zero causality.

A famous example is ice cream and sharks.

During the summer, people eat more ice cream.

During the summer, there are more shark attacks.

So, you could create a positive correlation between the two.

But, it would be silly that eating ice cream causes shark attacks.

Like every time you bite into any kind of ice cream, some poor dude is getting bit into by a shark.

Or if you're out swimming, and a shark bites off your leg, you'll respond with a telepathically sent impulse to get people to eat ice cream.

But other things aren't so obvious.

In the previous example, it's easy to see the common thing.

The same thing, the heat of the summer, causing both things.

But often this third element is hidden.

Or even more complicated, there are WAY more elements.

Consider the common advice of "being yourself."

We are "ourselves" with close friends.

With new people, most people take a while to "be themselves."

Both nice guys, and guys who study and practice "game" are PURPOSELY not being themselves.

Nice guys assume that if they be "nice," they'll be "entitled" to some kind of reward.

This is kind of subconscious, as they really BELIEVE that is their natural behavior.

Guys who practice game are purposely and deliberately not being themselves.

But what about naturals?

Consider that naturals ARE naturals because they feel confident being themselves around EVERYBODY.

They stroll up to pretty ladies and ARE their true selves right off the bat.

But if you only see the surface, you'll create "game" based on their behaviors and communication.

That is missing the point.

Kind of like thinking that ice cream sales drive shark attacks.

For naturals, it's not their actual actions, it's their CONGRUENCE that is so attractive.

Juts like little kids.

Everybody likes little kids because they aren't being "fake" nice or running some kind of game.

When they are happy they let everybody know they are happy.

Consider this cause-effect paradox.

The ultimate goal for any guy or gal looking for action is to get the point where you can express your real self.

They can express their real self.

And you both like each other's real self.

THEN you have sex.

And AFTER sex, you both experience that post orgasmic "after glow."

But what if you could create that "after glow" but BEFORE you even speak to them.

How could this be possible?

Consider that finding somebody who gets and appreciates us, AND wants to have sex with us creates some very POWERFUL emotions.

And those emotions drive that mutual gaze of love.

But what if you could CREATE those emotions ON YOUR OWN?

And share them with ANYBODY you wanted?

How would THAT affect your social life?

Learn How:


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