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It's common, and fun, to have staring contests as kids.

This is the one "sport" that is open to everybody.

Sports, or any athletic competition is not.

Any kind of educational competition is not.

Even many games requires some basic learning and practice.

A guy who's played a few dozen games of checkers against somebody who's never played isn't even.

But staring contests are open to everybody.

Sometimes they are planned.

Sometimes they are spontaneous.

And it's easy to "cheat."

To stare into their eyes and think about other stuff.

The color of their eyes, the shape of their pupil.

Many salesmen are trained to maintain stable, neutral eye contact while listening to sales objections.

But they are also trained to think about things like what they are going to have for dinner, etc.

Kids, of course, know it's easy to do this.

So kids, naturally, measure the winner of staring contests by who BLINKS first.

So even if you are zoning out by thinking of the latest movie, you MUST blink eventually.

Even in planetary wide contests, the word, "he blinked first" indicates the OTHER GUY maintained FRAME DOMINATION.

Kennedy vs. the Russians during the Cuban missile crisis, for example.

This idea of "maintaining frame dominance" can be found anywhere.

For example, if you want to buy something, but you want to get the cheapest price.

The prime directive is say and do NOTHING when they mention the price.

Remain plain faced after, so they have to GUESS how you are responding.

All of this surrounds the idea of eye contact.

Most normal people are very WEAK when it comes to eye contact.

Most guys will be enjoying the physical beauty of a women, only to run for the hills (metaphorically) if they are "caught" looking.

Once a couple of buddies of mine suddenly became hyper-interested in the bumper of his car.

I was wondering what the heck was going on, until I saw a pretty lady strolling in our direction.

They set a completely FAKE reason to crouch in the same spot JUST SO they would have a legitimate reason to watch the pretty lady walk by.

The problem with this strategy is that ladies are WAY more capable of reading body language than men give them credit.

Yes, they know you are checking them out.

They KNOW you are hiding the fact.

This is a blatantly demonstrated WEAK frame.

What is a strong frame?

The easiest frame to demonstrate?

The most POWERFUL fame she'll encounter?

Positive, stable, openly appreciative, non-creepy, non-judgmental eye contact.

This is much, much, more of an inner game.

This can be practiced many, many times per day.

Anywhere, anytime.

Build up this strength, and give pretty ladies a gift they'll remember forever.

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