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I love horror movies.

Good horror movies are hard to find.

But the ones that ARE good, are really good.

Believable character arcs.

A careful calibration of deep and ancient human fears.

Especially ones that have a really SICK reveal at the end.

Who the villain is, etc.

One such movie is "Orphan."

Good build up, horrific ending.

Starts out pretty predictable.

Couple is thinking about adopting.

They adopt a kid that SEEMS normal, but then everything falls apart.

I remember one scene in particular.

One that made me shrink in my seat.

The family had a son, and right off the bat, the adopted daughter and the blood son were in conflict.

The son had a tree house.

He was starting to suspect she was EVIL.

So he was hiding behind a rock, watching her walk to his tree house.

She was getting ready to light it on fire or something.

The audience was seeing things from the little kid's point of view.

He hiding behind the rock, her walking perpendicularly toward the tree house.

About twenty yarsd away.

Then she STOPPED, and at the same time STARED right at the kid.

And the audience.

This is very, very ancient fear.

Of watching some predator HOPING they don't notice you.

If the predator stops DEAD in it's tracks, and STARES right at you, it's all over.

If you run, they'll chase you and eat you.

If you stay where you are, they'll closely walk closely to you and eat you.

There's even one REAL photo of guy JUST BEFORE he got eaten by a tiger.


Dude fell into the tiger cage.

He was crouching down, head bowed, his over his face.

Tiger was starting DIRECTLY at him.

Tiger's head was about a foot higher than the poor guy.

That would be a HORRIBLE way to die.

The WORST imaginable.

Eye contact, especially from a stranger, kicks of that same, flight or fight response.

If you are checking out a pretty lady and she glances at you WITHOUT smiling, you feel like you've committed a felony.

But at the same time, eye contact is the most FANTASTIC thing you can ever experience.

You meet a pretty lady.

You have some nice sex.

You're laying in bed together, looking at each other's reflections in each other's eyes.

Your brain is shut OFF, and you are in LOVE MODE.

At least temporarily.

Now, here's the question.

Suppose you could CREATE that kind of eye contact with strangers?

To send them a signal of mutual self acceptance and appreciation?

What would THAT do for your confidence?

Learn How:


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