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My very first experience with legal, commercialized gambling was as an observer.

Way back in college, my buddy knew this guy that was a big time gambler.

We drove a couple hours to watch him play.

All I knew were the characters on TV.

This guy was nothing like that.

Since then, I've been to a lot of casinos.

And most gamblers are, more or less, like the dudes on TV.

But this guy was different.

My buddy and I followed him around the casino.

Finally he stopped at a table.

A card game.

He stood watching for a while.

Finally he plopped down a huge bet.

He won, took his winnings and with a big smile on his face, said, "That's it, we're done."

We found some late night Thai restaurant and ate quite a lot.

There's that famous joke about the plumber.

The dude who shows up at a guys house, go fix his flooded basement.

He spends an hour or so looking around.

Finally he tightens on part.

Then he charges the homeowner $500.

The homeowner is angry, since he only made one small adjustment.

The plumber explains it's not the adjustment, it's knowing WHERE to make the adjustment.

There are plenty of examples of this.

Of people studying a situation, and then jumping in, doing something very small, and seemingly insignificant to observers.

But that seemingly insignificant input creates MASSIVE output.

The one straw that breaks the camels back.

The one snowflake that causes the avalanche.

Malcolm Gladwell wrote an entire book about this, called "The Tipping Point."

This is also the idea behind the famous "butterfly effect," which is an aspect of Chaos Theory.

A butterfly flaps his wings in Brazil, and two weeks later there is a hurricane in Texas.

This is describing the "chaos" embedded in the math of weather.

A system that has only a few variables, (wind, humidity, temperature, etc.) but is IMPOSSIBLE to predict more than a day or two out.

Because of chaos theory.

So, how is it possible as humans to jump into a system, and after careful observation, make MASSIVE changes with very little effort?

First, get OUT of your head.

If you force everything through your conscious mind, you will miss TONS of critical information.

We evolved to use mostly INTUITION to understand what and how to do things.

We have genetically programmed intuition, which allows us to do things like read a room, read between the lines, or as the Japanese say, "Read the air."

To know people's feelings BEYOND what is obvious.

This is possible because our mind-body systems, YOUR mind body system, are emotional tuning forks.

We send, and are capable of picking up MASSIVE amounts of data.

Take your time using your intuition to read a room, and know WHO to approach.

Know exactly WHAT to say, and how to say it.

And the results will be astounding.

Learn How:


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