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Turn Off Your Propaganda Brain


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Most people are not very articulate.

And this is very frustrating.

We all love the ideas in our own brain.

But when we try to express them, they usually don't sound NEARLY as good as they do inside our head.

This is a very common movie and TV trope.

From both angles.

The speaker has a good idea, they try to express it, and fail.

Then they say:

"I'm not explaining this very well," while their friends wonder what the heck they are talking about.

On the other side, the listener is watching them explain their goofy idea, and says:

"Do you hear what you're saying?"

Both of these express the common frustration.

Of having and idea and not being able to get it out.

Or wanting very much to understand the idea in somebody else's brain, but not being able to.

This is a very common element in relationship issues.

One of the main reasons for therapy and couples counseling is to get both parties' ideas "out there" so there isn't any confusion.

Otherwise tiny little problems can EXPLODE.

One person has what COULD be a simple problem with a simple solution.

But they don't express it correctly.

The other person listens to and misunderstand the incorrectly expressed problem and takes it the wrong way.

Then THEY express that the wrong way and it turns into a vicious cycle of DOOM!


But if you can develop the skill of taking the time to accurately understand exactly WHAT is going on in their brain, you can not only stop problems from happening, but you can create INSANE amounts of attraction.

A very common love movie trope is the famous:

"You get me," line.

One lonely hearted lady has been searching her whole life for somebody who GETS her.

The person who GETS her, GETS her.

Her heart, her soul, her love, her undying affection.

At least that's the underlying suggestion when would-be-lovers finally find each other.

Not just a temporary hottie between the sheets.

But somebody who really GETS them.

This is much, much easier than most people realize.

And like a lot of social and romantic strategies, most people are doing it wrong.

What's the WRONG way?

Strolling up and telling THEM about YOU.

Right off the bat this utterly precludes anybody from getting anybody.

You telling them about YOU isn't the real you.

Chances are it's some kind of memorized game.

You telling them about YOU isn't going to help YOU get THEM.

Remember, somebody ELSE getting US requires they take the effort to find out about us.

To understand us.

You CANNOT do that if you are doing all the talking.

Instead, turn off your brain.

And listen carefully for their thoughts.

Read the energy, the body language, and social situation.

Turn your brain into a powerful RECEIVER of useful information.

Not a emitter of self-based propaganda.

Do this and they will see YOU like those movie lovers see each other.

Learn How:


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