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Jigsaw puzzles are fun.

When I was a kid, way back in the day, they were fun.

They are fun today.

Go to any hobby type shop and you'll find tons of jigsaw puzzles.

They say humans like puzzles in general.

It feels good when we solve them.

It feels good when we find two missing pieces that are supposed to be together.

This ancient instinct, of solving puzzles, helped us to find food when it wasn't obvious.

Stick a bunch of atoms in a container, add a little bit of heat and they'll start hooking up.

(Unless they are those snobby noble gasses that are too good for that sort of thing.)

Put a bunch of random kids in a room, and they'll start forming friendships.

An old school copywriter, one of the original gurus back when Madison Avenue and the real life Don Draper types were taking over the world, shared his secret of copywriting:

To "enter the conversation already going on in their mind."

Or if you want to sell people coats, don't walk up and start talking about coats.

Walk up, talk about whatever they are talking about, and then slowly slide the conversation toward coats.

In modern, "NLP" language this is pacing and leading.

Pace their body language, lead their body language.

Pace the ideas in their mind, lead the ideas in their mind.

For a sales page, it's the same thing.

Pace whatever problem they are having, and then slowly slide down the slippery slope to the solution.

Even on such a confrontational place like a car lot, the same strategy applies.

Walk over and PACE whatever is happening.

Talk about whatever THEY are doing or thinking.

Then slowly lead them to make a purchase.

The same goes in social situations.

This is when people forget this ancient and obvious wisdom.

To pace and then lead.

To enter the conversation already going on in their mind.

Imagine you're on a car lot.

Maybe thinking of buying a car, maybe not.

Some goof comes out of nowhere, doesn't even introduce himself, and lets loose with a ten minute pitch about the car you are looking at.

Will that give you warm and fuzzy feelings, make you desperate to buy?

No, it will not.

But this is the SAME strategy people use when creating friends and lovers.

They go over, and let loose with a string of ideas of WHY the other person should hop into their bed.

Instead, consider the old school advice.

Of entering the conversation already in their minds.

Pacing their body language.

Making some very, very accurate "guesses" about what they are thinking about

Once you pace them on this level, you can lead them ANYWHERE.

Learn How:


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