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Sexually Calibrated Golden Rule


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A very good "meta strategy" is based on the golden rule.

To treat others the way you would like to be treated.

This idea has been around for a long time.

It's so common, it sounds childish and even ineffective.

It's often put together with similar sounding thoughts like "turn the other cheek."

But it can be useful, but ONLY if you understand it and calibrate it.

For example, the phrase "you gotta spend money to make money" is absolutely true.

At the same time, it's far from guaranteed.

You might even say this has been the IDEAL since the dawn of human history.

Even BEFORE human history.

Wait, what?

Every animal NEEDS energy or else they'll die.


But every animal needs to MOVE to get energy.

For animals, you need to EXPEND energy to CONSUME energy.

But if you just run around in a circle, you won't get squat.

All animals, including humans are hard wired with this impulse.

Animals are driven by instincts to feel GOOD when they are getting closer to energy.

And to feel BAD when they are moving away from energy.

The same goes with money.

If you put $20 in a slot machine, and it comes up with three X's, you get crap.

That feels BAD.

But if you put in $20 and get out a few hundred, or MORE that feels good.

If you SPEND MONEY to buy some raw materials, and sell them, and get back LESS than what you spent, that feels BAD.

If you get back MORE than what you spent, that feels good.

So good you WANT to keep doing it.

This is the MAIN reason people keep inventing stuff.

To come out on the positive side of the "spend money to make money" idea.

Now, back to the "golden rule."

If you ONLY walked around treating people the way YOU wanted to be treated, people would treat YOU like a doormat.

That idea is just a START.

But when you CALIBRATE and make sure it's not GUARANTEED, then you've got something.

How's this work?

You figure out how THEY'D like to be treated.

Then you treat them that way, so they'll FEEL GOOD.

Then split.

For example, suppose your were walking down the street really thirsty.

You didn't have any money and you were lost.

Then some sexy lady comes out of nowhere and hands you a lemonade.

Smiles sweetly as she hands it to you.

If she SMILED and then left, you'd be wondering WHO she was.

You'd be wondering HOW she knew that.

You'd be wondering IF you'd ever see her again.

A much BETTER version of this new, calibrated "golden rule," is to do unto others, in a way they you KNOW they'll like very much.

And then make THEM come to you for MORE.

Do this with a few people every week, and you'll have an ARMY of eager lovers.

Learn How:


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