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Most everybody would agree that rapport is critical.

Nobody would argue that you don't NEED rapport.

Or that the opposite of rapport would useful.

Rapport, of course, is a feeling you feel with another human.

You feel comfortable with them.

You don't have a lot of resistance.

The more of this "feeling" you have, the easier any kind of communication is.

Nobody, unless they'd just escaped from the loony bin, would recommend creating "anti-rapport" before any sales or persuasion.

Of being super creepy, super offensive, being super insulting, and THEN trying to ask for a phone number.

But the problem of rapport is it's VERY SIMPLE.

So simple most people forget about it.

It's easy to learn, easy to accept as important.

And pretty easy to practice.

At least the SURFACE level rapport.

Matching body language.

And even deeper levels of breathing and speaking rates, etc.

This is pretty good, if you can remember to do this.

This simple body language based rapport will do WONDERS for any communication.

Within this simple body language rapport, you can have much more open and honest conversations.

This, of course, happens naturally.

When two friends are hanging out, the rapport comes first.

The matching body language, etc. is an OUTCOME of that natural rapport.

The feelings of inner comfort, due their long friendship is the CAUSE.

The body language rapport is the effect.

This is also one of those form-function, function-form things.

The inner feelings of comfort drive the external rapport.

But the external rapport drives the inner feelings of comfort.

The idea in persuasion and seduction is to create ONLY the outer rapport, and hopefully lead them to the inner feelings of comfort and connection.

But what if you could do both?

What if you could create inner, mental and feeling rapport BEFORE you spoke with them?

It requires a couple of things.

One, to see humans as "emotional resonators."

Or potential emotional resonators.

This is our natural state.

Mom is holding a baby and talking on the phone.

Mom shifts into a bad mood while on the phone..

Baby picks up on this, and starts crying.

This isn't magic or voodoo.

This is based on ALL the non-verbal signals.

The quickening of mom's breathing.

The tightening of mom's chest and the muscles in her arms.

The change in expression on her face.

We all were born knowing HOW to read people as "emotional tuning forks."

But we shut ourselves off from that when we start to overly focus on the words.

The first step is to simply turn OFF your brain.

This requires practice, but it's practice you can do anywhere.

Once your brain is OPEN, then you simply "vibe" with them.

Allow your body language to be an EFFECT of their body language.

Allow the thoughts in your mind to be an EFFECT of your body language.

IF you are relaxed and open enough, your thoughts will be similar to their thoughts.

And you can fine tune them even further by reading the situation.

Then you'll be in mental, physical, and emotional resonance.

Which before you even SPEAK, they'll imagine you as an old friend.

Learn How:


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