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Plenty of animals can be trained.

Even wild animals.

This is something most would disagree with.

But the word "trained" is often thought to be associated with the idea of being "trained to do what we want."

For example, I've seen plenty of "trained" deer in the wild.

No, they didn't do tricks or sit.

But they were "trained."

Only nobody "trained" them.

They "learned."

What did they learn?

That humans are a source of FREE FOOD.

My buddies and I had spent a day hiking.

We got to our campsite, a big flat meadow.

About an hour after setting up camp, the deer slowly showed up.

They were just standing around, literally, staring at us.

They'd been fed enough by people, they "learned" that if you show up next to a human, you'd get free food.

On the other hand, I've seen plenty of deer way up in the Sierras, where few people go.

So not nearly enough people feed the deer to "train them."

When you see a deer up there, you freeze.

One quick move and they'll bolt.

Now, you couldn't really train an animal enough to make it a pet.

But most animals DO have "learning capability."

They do something, get a good result, and they remember that.

Sort of.

It takes a few iterations before they make the connection, but it happens plenty often enough.

Humans are a bit different.

We have language and memories.

Sure, we can also be subconsciously "trained."

Most of the time we call this "picking up bad habits."

But our self awareness allows us to CHOOSE what habits or skills we can learn.

This may be the reason we developed self awareness to go along with our language and memory.

We can learn from other people, even if we don't see what they did.

They do something, show us the results and tell us HOW they got those results.

Those words go into our brains.

We now know HOW to "teach ourselves" how to do what they did, so we can get what they got.

But we can do even better.

Somebody can literally MAKE UP a story.

And even though we KNOW that story is made up, that will still MOTIVATE us to get close.

Some guy makes up a story about a young hunter who destroys a big evil monster.

So we can apply the STRUCTURE of that story to anything we want that isn't easy.

Consider this the driving force of all human achievement.

People DREAMING about doing things nobody has ever done before.

To get the massive rewards nobody has ever gotten before.

In a way that nobody has ever experienced before.

This ambition-dreaming mind is your greatest asset.

Wake it up, strengthen it, leverage it.

And follow it to GREATNESS.

Get Started:



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