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When I was younger, I loved to go backpacking.

I started way back in junior high school in boy scouts.

Then later when I first started working.

Both day hikes and week long hikes have something in common.

You drive as far as you can, park at the trail head, and start walking.

For day hikes, we would generally find a peak we could climb in a day.

A few miles up to the top, and then back down to the car.

Some serious endurance athletes do day hikes to the top of Mt. Whitney and back.

I knew a guy that did that, and they started from the car at 4 AM.

Didn't get back till way past dark.

These are the same types of guys who do those ultra marathons out in the desert.

But for me, going up to a peak is a pretty cool feeling.

You walk for twenty minutes or so, stop and look down at how far you've come.

Then continue this for a few hours.

Then you get to the top, stop for a bit, look around, and then hike back down.

But for longer hikes, it's kind of the same, but much better.

Day hikes are usually pretty crowded.

But for week long hikes, the first couple days is over a huge pass.

Standing at the pass is usually a very good feeling.

It's been chosen because it's the easiest way to walk over a mountain range.

The best ones are where you can look back at where you've come from.

Sometimes you can see signs of city, cars, etc.

But then you look toward the other side, where there are no roads, cars or civilization.

Particularly inspiring is when you can look down on the "no people" side and see a few lakes.

Lakes without people, without cars, without parking lots.

This "event" only takes a couple of minutes.

Hike all day long up this brutal pass.

Further and further away from cars and hospitals and police and Mexican restaurants.

Where you've come from.

Finally get to the pass, and look at where you are going.

Pure wilderness.

All while wearing a 50 lb pack and standing on the two legs that brought you to the pass.

That is a pretty powerful, and pretty rare feeling.

Looking back at where you've come from.

Looking forward to where you are going.

Knowing what you've done, and what you WILL do, have ONLY been accomplished by your own power.

Your own determination, resilience and persistence.

This is WHY you are built the way you are.

This is WHY you have a dreaming mind, capable of imagining things you WILL in the future.

To continuously drive yourself forward.

Mentally, spiritually, financially, romantically, sexually, intellectually, and powerfully.

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