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Life was both insanely more complex, but much easier way back in the day.

Humans were always super motivated by hunger.

They'd track a big wooly mammoth for days.

Just like kid gearing up for a big holiday, the closer they got, the more motivated and excited they got.

When they caught up to it, and killed it, it was like Christmas.

Or any other holiday where the outside world stops, and you and your people relax and FEAST like crazy.

But then, after a week or so, all the food would be gone.

And the hunger would kick in, as would the motivation.

They'd hunt, and this cycle would repeat.

This idea of this type of feast is so critical, it's embedded in most myths and religions.

Today, if you want to lose weight and get in shape, it's EXTREMELY difficult.

Back then it was automatic.

Getting food was INSANELY difficult, dangerous, and terrifying.

This served as a FILTER.

Only the most dedicated and motivated dudes made it through.

What does that mean, "make it through"?

If you were high up enough on the social ladder, and were responsible for a MAJORITY of the kills, you got the rewards.

What rewards?

Massive social validation.

Tons of sex.

And critically, from a natural selection standpoint, lots of kids.

Kids with those same ALPHA KILLER genes.

You (yes, YOU!) come from the thousands of generational filters.

Think of it from a Pareto Distribution level.

The 20-80 rules.

Imagine, just for the sake of argument, that 20% of every tribe of ancient humans had 80% of the kids in the next generation.

This means that every single generation was produced by the WINNERS of the previous generation's alpha-killer-contest.

This went on for TENS of THOUSANDS of generations.

You, (yes, YOU!) are the WINNER of the two million year survivorship bias contest.

Within you are those ALPHA KILLER genes.

Now, before we get all excited and start to feel ENTITLED because of our genes, let's do a mental experiment.

Take any ancient tribe of the most ALPHA KILLERS.

And suppose they come across a super huge valley.

With very FAT and very SLOW MOVING animals.

Like the size of wooly mammoths but with the speed of a three-toed-sloth.

Super easy to kill.

And there are SO MANY of these big dumb animals, hunting is EASY.

Would ANYBODY choose to risk their lives when food was so EASY?

Not likely.

Not then, and not today.

This is the situation we are all in today.

We ALL have those alpha-killer genes.

But life is so EASY today, we have forgotten then.

And unless something CATASTROPHIC happens, like an asteroid or an alien invasion, there's nothing OUTSIDE of you that will wake up our alpha killer genes.

But if you can wake them up yourself, you can DOMINATE.

Because the competition, even today's version of the "alpha killer" is VERY weak.

Get Started:


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