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Your Dream Ain't Gonna Build Itself


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One of the unknown drivers of the Industrial Revolution was land ownership.

There are tons of variables about why, specifically, the Industrial Revolution happened where it did and when it did.

Why England and not Japan, for example?

Dr. Gregory Clark, an economist wrote a book looking all the details.

(Farewell To Alms if you're interested).

One critical driving force was the POTENTIAL for land ownership.

If you're a fan of any middle ages based books, movies or TV shows, you know that only those of noble blood can own land.

This was essentially feudalism.

Nobles owned the land.

The serfs worked on the land that the Nobles owned.

That paid taxes to their noble Lords.

The noble lords had to pay taxes to the king.

Maybe not the fairest system, but it was stable.

But unless you were born into a noble family, you were a serf.

This was life for 90% of people in all societies BEFORE the Industrial Revolution.

But for some reason, around the 1300's England decided to let ANYBODY buy land.

So long as the buyer and seller agreed on price, the purchase would be made.

This was perhaps the predecessor of the "American Dream."

That if you worked hard enough, you could "be somebody."

If you owned enough land, you could grow enough food to feed yourself and essentially give the world the finger.

The modern version of this is "f-you money."

Enough money to pay the bills, keep enough food coming in, and you can smoke endless blunts and watch endless TV or play endless video games.

This is perhaps the ESSENTIAL drive of all human creativity.

Of doing something well enough, long enough to get a big payoff.

For ancient peasants it was very simple.

Work very, very hard for ten years or so, save as much money as you could, and NEVER need to work for another boss again.

Same as "f-you money."

Today that is JUST as possible.

To work hard long enough, successfully enough, and give the world the finger.

Unfortunately, lately we've been a bit brainwashed.

Through political promises and law of attraction mumbo jumbo.

Most people today feel they are ENTITLED to "f-you money." 

Or at least it should be easy and automatic to get it.

As if it really were possible to show up, be told what to do, and after ten or twenty be able to coast into the sunset.

This is perhaps one of the HARDEST things to do.

Leave the safety comfort of the pack.

But UNLESS you are willing to do that, that "f-you money" will always be out of reach.

But if you ARE willing to leave the lazy, copy-and-paste-brained-people behind, you WILL create your dream.

But it needs to be built.


Get Started:


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