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Short Faced Bear Killers


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Once upon a time there was an animal called the "short faced bear."

It lived from a couple million years ago to about 10,000 years ago.

Why did it suddenly vanish?

These bears, when standing on their hind legs, were about three times as tall as a human.

These tiny little talking moneys without claws or sharp teeth.

These tiny little talking moneys ate all these large and ferocious bears.

Who had lived for 2 MILLION YEARS.

Then we showed up.

And ATE them.

They've studied these modern humans who live the hunter gatherer lifestyle.

They watched them hunt.

At first, they were a bit confused.


These modern hunter-gatherers had two choices.

Go after tiny animals.

Go after big animals.

Logic says the tiny animals were a no-brainer.

More kilograms of meat per day.

Much, much safer, tiny risk per kilogram.

But they RARELY went after these easy-to-kill walking BBQ dinners.


Nobody knew.

Until they saw them kill a large animal.

The dude who slay the beast was treated like a ROCK STAR.

Mad respect and sex.

Even secret sex on the side.

This makes sense, when you think about it.

You kill a huge animal, there's no way you can eat all of it.

So you HAVE to share.

But because going after those big creatures is dangerous, they only do so if they know they are going to get something IN EXCHANGE for what they share.

The rock start treatment.

And all the ladies looking at the killer.

With eyes that say:

"May I please have sex with you?"

This is what DROVE all the big animals to EXTINCTION.

Dudes who wanted to be rock stars.

Dudes who wanted to get LAID with his CHOICE of women.

This is EXACTLY what General Napoleon meant when he said:

"Men will die for ribbons."

Men who KNOW they will get treated like a hero (mad social validation and sex potential) they will RISK DEATH on the battlefield.


Men, women, young, old.

We have a deep, deep instinct that says:

Do great things ---> Get great rewards.

Rewards, of course, being MASSIVE fame, fortune and sex.

However, there is a very important missing ingredient today.

Nearly all human motivation and inspiration, in it's natural state, is TWO SIDED.

Thing of the ancient caveman.

Big kills = Big rewards.

Small kills = NO SEX.


Small kills = NO OFFSPRING

Our natural habitat, where we evolved as hunter-gatherers, provided EVERYTHING.

The negative consequences of failure.

The positive consequences of success.

Today, the negative consequences of failure have all been removed.

Today the food, sex, and fame (via social media) is within reach for most people.

But it doesn't require ANY of the heroic action that it did in the past.

Only a little bit of luck and a pretty face.

But that INSTINCT still lives inside you.

And if you wake it up, you'll GET the great things.

Massive fame.

Massive wealth.

Massive social validation and massive choice of sex.

Dudes just like you made the short face bear go EXTINCT.

With rocks, sharp sticks, and fire.

What will YOU do?

Learn More:


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