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It's commonly hoped that changing your thinking can change your outcome.

This is possible, but only in certain situations.

One is when you get a new idea in your brain, and that new idea is connected to existing skills.

For example, if you are a skilled piano player, and you get a new piece of music, you could play it pretty easily.

The new music is the new idea.

The skills are your piano playing skills.

But if you don't have a lot of practice playing the piano, that new idea won't do much.

Even if somebody tells you the necessary information.

How the notes on the paper match to the keys on the piano.

This is something you could pretty easily learn from an academic standpoint.

To quickly map each note on the paper to a key on the piano.

But added in to this is the beats and rhythm.

Even then you might be able to hum the right notes and tap out the right rhythm.

All without going anywhere near a piano.

It's fairly straightforward to match the notes on the page with the specific sound they are supposed to make.

But connecting all three together takes a lot of practice.

Consider that most everything we want in life requires a lot of skills.

Learning things is boring.

Or it usually is boring.

Think about this metaphor.

If you worked for $10 an hour, and if you got fired you'd become homeless, that would suck.

Especially if what you did was hard, brainless, manual labor.

Picking up bricks from one pile and putting them in another.

You would HATE that job.

But now consider the SAME physical behaviors, of lifting up bricks and putting them somewhere else.

But these bricks are made of GOLD.

And you putting them in the back of your truck.

You've got eight hours to do it, just like regular job.

But in the gold job, you get to KEEP everything.

Same exact movements, but a much BETTER payoff.

This is the ONE thing that will make ALL practice enjoyable.

Of having a tangible and positive outcome on the other side.

What's the BEST tangible outcome?

The one that's been the driving force of human behavior since the dawn of time.

Fame, money and plenty of sex.

This is why practicing algebra SUCKS.

But practicing something like the guitar, that could LEGITIMATELY get you more money, fame and sex, is easier.

This does take time, but without this BELIEF that there is a pot of gold, and fame, and sex, at the end of the road, it's hard to get there.

With this drive, everything is much, much easier.

Without this drive, you'll end up like everybody else.

Sitting around WAITING for something to "happen."

But build this drive strong enough, and you will MAKE things happen.

Whatever things you want.

Learn How:


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