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all of my facebook statuses, posts and pictures receive over 500 likes and comments. People are eager to see my Facebook posts and comments every day and love to make nice comments, people love to share my Facebook status updates, my Facebook status updates are shared miliions of times. I am Facebook famous. Everyone wants to be my facebook friend and true friend in real life. Lots of people love to send me lovely gifts and ecards through Facebook daily. Lots of handsome, well to do successful, eligible men on facebook fall in love with me when they see my picture and beg to court me for marriage. I receive lots of favorable media interests through Facebook. Amazing, impressive men and women contact me daily through Facebook inviting me to lavish parties, amazing events and conferences that I want to attend. Celebrities beg me to be my friend and always invite me into their inner circle. Millions of people on Facebook love, like and adore me. Facebook makes me rich and famous beyond my wildest dreams! I am Facebook famous.

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