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I remember a long, long time ago, when my high school buddy and I were shifting from high school kids to college kids.

I'd sent in my application early and had gotten accepted.

It wasn't a big deal, since I went to one of those schools that accepts anybody with a pulse.

The only benefit to sending in all the apps ahead of time was so you didn't have to worry about signing up for classes at the beginning of the semester.

Kind of like having a reservation instead of showing up and having to wait.

Anyhow, my buddy had the "show up and wait" strategy.

I remember I was hanging out a his place after one failed attempt to drive down (about two hours) and wait in all the lines and fill out all the forms.

He bailed about halfway through the line waiting.

And I got to witness the conversation between him and his dad.

About his failed attempt.

I don't remember exactly was said, or even how it was said, but I do remember the vague metaphor his dad used.

That if he was driving down their for a sure thing (sex) he wouldn't have bailed.

And although he was a close friend, I couldn't help but agree with his dad.

If a dude is going to get a lady and he's sure the lady is going to give it up, he'll do ANYTHING to get there.

Waiting in line to sign up for remedial algebra, not so much.

Humans rarely do things because we are supposed to.

To the extent we do, we only do so to avoid negative consequences.

But a much better motivator is to the sure thing strategy.

If you KNOW you are going to get something good, either money or sex or fame, humans will move heaven and earth to get there.

This is HOW modern civilization was built.

Now, everything comes easy.

More or less.

Sure, the IDEAL doesn't come easy.

Fame, fortune, fantastic sex from fantastic people.

But enough food, enough money to not be homeless, and even sex (with beer goggles and lowered standards) are not very far out of reach.

This KILLS our motivation for better things.

But that deep motivation can be cultivated.

That never ending ambition that drove our ancestors to cross oceans and destroy evil empires.

Kids in high school in the early 40's went to fight Nazis.

Not because they wanted to.

Because they HAD to.

So, how to you create that burning desire when we live in a much "safer" world that only a couple generations ago?

How can you build such powerful ambition you are DRIVEN to get the BEST possible stuff, (sex, money, fame) and NOT settle for average?

Here's How:



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