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Seduce People While You Sleep


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Effective copywriters can make a ton of money.

And it's something you can do from pretty much anywhere.

So it's a very, very desirable job for a lot of people.

The idea is pretty simple.

To understand human nature.

To understand things like the seven laws of Cialdini.

To understand the problems people have that products will alleviate.

If you can combine this understanding with some clever and intriguing writing, you CAN make a fortune.

Especially if you want to promote any kind of evergreen product.

The idea is very simple.

Find an evergreen product to promote.

One that is always in demand.

Write and effect sales page.

Get consistent traffic to that sales page.

Sit back and watch the money roll in.

This is a common DREAM.

To make money while you sleep.

Now, WHY is this such a compelling dream?

One that so many pursue?

Many people incorrectly believe that it's due to laziness.

That people work very, very hard to "make money while you sleep."

I don't believe that is accurate.

Consider there is another reason.

Practicing writing is easy.

Not easy, but it's something you can do in the abstract.

Like practicing the piano or Photoshop.

And so long as you have another income, there's no rush.

Put in an hour a day, and slowly build up your online income.

Do this long enough, and consistent enough, and pretty soon your online income will eclipse your "regular" income.

THEN you can live the "laptop lifestyle."

At least this the idea.

But once again, WHY is this idea so compelling?

Consider that you get the MONEY from sales, but not the PAIN.

What's the pain?

Consider that instead of practicing your writing for an hour a day, you practiced your FACE TO FACE sales an hour a day.

Or even telephone sales.

There are KAJILLION people who dream of becoming a world class copywriter.

Few people even CONSIDER being a world class phone sales guy.

Why is this?

The reason is obvious.

The idea of writing a sales letter is BORING.

But the idea of calling a bunch of random dudes and trying to sell them things is TERRIFYING.

This is EXACTLY why so many people prefer online dating to old school, face to face social situations.

Having another human tell you "no thanks" is terrifying.


Emotionally devastating.

At least that's the general idea.

But that presumes old school type of persuasion or seduction.

Taking the ideas inside YOUR head, putting them out there and saying:

"So, here are my reasons for dating or hiring or buying from me. Whatta ya think?"

It's very EASY to say NO to that.

But supposed you flip the script?

Supposed you expanded the ideas in THEIR heads.

Expanded them really, really big?

Since everybody LOVES their own ideas, they'll LOVE this process.

And all those positive feelings you create IN THEM will be naturally and automatically connected to YOU.

Learn How:


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