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One of the curious things about us humans is our self awareness.

The concept is incredibly simple, but it's also extremely baffling.

Neurologists and other scientists really have no idea what it is.

We sort of know how to describe it, and we know when it's gone (when we're sleeping or passed out).

But exactly HOW it works is a mystery.

All we know is we are aware of our own thinking process.

But this can make us think we have much more power than we really do.

Being aware of something doesn't mean you can control that same thing.

You can walk through a forest, and be aware of all the trees.

But that awareness doesn't give you the power to rip the trees out of the ground with your mind power and make them float around.

It's possible that our self-awareness is the same.

This is hard to accept, as our ego thinks doing so will KILL us.

Way back in the day, a strong ego was closely associated with survival.

Every since humans invented fire, and used it as a strategic hunting tool, life has been an "idea contest."

Whoever could demonstrate that their idea was the best, would get the most food, the most social recognition and the most sex.

This is still true and VERY helpful today in many places.

A bunch of scientists arguing over who has the best theory will generally produce the best theory.

A bunch of engineers arguing over the best design will generally produce the best design.

But this idea falls apart when we are in one on one situations.

Idea contests work PERFECTLY when all the competing brains are operating under the same frame.

Trying to create the BEST outcome.

The best strategy, the best design, the best way to attack the castle.

But when two STRANGERS are talking, this idea contest is the WORST strategy.

Because the two strangers have to DIFFERENT frames.

This is why sales conversations FEEL very confrontational.

It's a frame battle.

A battle of wills.

And it's also why successful sales people are stereotypically EXTREMELY charismatic and strong framed.

And this CAN work, in both sales and seduction, but only if you HAVE a massively strong frame and extreme levels of charisma.

But you don't need those things.

In fact, just that strategy puts you at a disadvantage.

Instead, consider a different strategy.

One that is very non-intuitive, but paradoxically VERY effective.

It means shutting down COMPLETELY the ideas in your brain.

This is just like NOT stuffing your face with chili cheese fries.

Of telling your ancient instincts to TEMPORARILY take a hike.

So, what do you focus on instead of the ideas in YOUR brain?

The ideas in their brain.

Not just any random idea.

The best ones.

The most hypnotic ones.

The ones that create the most emotional PLEASURE.

Because when you do that, they'll AUTOMATICALLY associate those pleasurable feelings with YOU.

Learn How:


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