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There are three basic categories of all persuasion.

Most everybody, including seasoned sales people, use the first one.

This is the stereotypical TV salesman.

He or she is very charismatic and well spoken.

A guy or gal who radiates genuine frame strength, based on a lot of factors.

One is that they're a genuinely good person.

Somebody who has finally found their niche in life.

Selling TVs or cars or whatever else they are selling.

They are like the stereotypical Zig Ziglar door to door salesman who USES and LOVES the pots and pans he is selling.

So when he tells you they are the BEST pots and pans in the world, you believe him.

You believe him because HE believes him.

This is also true in friend-to-friend persuasion.

If you've seen a movie and you genuinely thought it was the BEST movie in the world, it will be very EASY to convince all your friends to see it.

This is the IDEAL type of Level I persuasion.

What is Level I?

(I just made that up so don't go googling it...)

The ideas in the head of the persuader are ALL that is used to persuade.

The target sits passively and listens.

The problems with this level are obvious.

Unless the persuader (friend, lover or random stranger) is VERY congruent, it won't work.

Even if the ideas in the persuader's head are a pretty good fit for what's in the target's head, it won't work.

Any kind of "fake" or "creepy" energy won't work.

Like if the persuader drives a Toyota, and he's trying to sell you a Chevy.

Even if the points he makes about the Chevy may match what the target is looking for, something will be "off."

This is why this type of sale is very, very, hit and miss.

But because it's easy to teach, it's the one most commonly used.

What's Level II?

When you FIRST find out about what they want.

If you're in sales, this is pretty easy.

Ask them about what they're looking for, ask about all their criteria, etc., and not only is it EASIER but it's much more RELAXING.

Unfortunately, this is very hard to do in social settings.

"Hey, lemme ask you a question: What's the most important thing you're looking for in a sexual relationship?"

This might make for some funny Tik Tok's but in real life you'll get a kick in the nuts.

What's Level III?

When you FORGET about leading them anywhere specific.

And instead build up positive feelings about GENERALLY positive things.

Best past experiences, ideal future experiences.

Luckily, these are the SAME for everybody.

The more you ask, the better they'll feel.

The better they feel, the more they'll ENJOY you.

Your presence, your voice, your ideas, and whatever else you've got in mind.

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