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The Pavlovian Love Response


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Humans come with a lot of pre-wired circuits.

What's probably the most famous is Chomsky's theory of transformation grammar.

Particularly the X-bar theory.

Sentences have a specific grammatical structure.

English is subject-object-noun.

But this goes all the way down.

Noun phrases, verb phrases, the way multiple adjectives connect with long noun phrases, etc.

So when little kids are between the ages of zero and 2 or so, they are literally calibrating all these "switches."

Once they calibrate all the switches, then the entire grammatical structure is in their brain.

This is why kids speak gibberish, and then BOOM!

Full sentences, all grammatically correct.

EXCEPT irregular verbs, which must be memorized.

Scientists have created all kinds of tests to figure out the structure of our brains long before we can speak.

For example, we can count up to three or four BEFORE we can differentiate between people and pieces of wood.

They'll put three people behind one side of a curtain, and pull out four people on the other side.

The kid demonstrates a "WTF?!" expression.

Since three on one side and four on the other doesn't make sense.

But three people on one side, and three blocks of wood on the other DOES make sense.

Even though the kid can't see well enough to notice the difference between wood and people, they CAN notice three objects on one side, and three objects on the other.

They've also discovered we have a cause-effect generator.

This makes modern life WAY confusing.

This it's easy for "scientists" to get grants for the silliest things.

Since grant money comes from government goofs, this makes sense.

All they need to do is find any kind of "link" between weird thing number one and weird thing number two.

It takes a LOT of brainpower to NOT assume things are linked when they really aren't.

In kids they test this by showing a couple of blips moving around on a computer screen.

Each blip is driven by an independent program.

Of course, the kid doesn't know that.

The kid's brain ASSUMES they are connected.

They both stop, everything's cool.

They both keep going, everything's cool.

Only when ONE stops and the other DOESN'T, does the kid show the "WTF!?" response.

This is the logic behind anchoring.

Creating a good feeling, and connect it through an "anchor" to something you'd like to control.

However, it is MUCH easier than they way it's taught.

Because this is something that happens AUTOMATICALLY.

So, when you ask anybody the right questions and follow up questions, they'll feel REALLY good.

And they'll automatically connect those good feelings to YOU and YOUR VOICE.

Do this a couple times a week, and before long you'll have an army of lovers dreaming of you every night.

Learn How:


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