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Why They'll Fantasize About You


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A very important aspect of human nature is our dreaming mind.

Ever since humans invented fire, the battle for hierarchical supremacy has been a thinking contest.

All the young cave kids would look up at the stars at night and dream.

Now they might somebody slay the monster like the hero of the stories.

Life way back then was VERY harsh, but very simple.

The two critical things for ANY living entity is food (energy) and sex.

For humans, this was manifested through the dreaming mind.

The storytelling and story listening mind.

Old guys tell stories to the kids.

Stories about heroes who do great things, kill huge monsters and get the great rewards.

These stories have powered humans since the dawn of time.

Kids lay next to the smoldering fire and dream of growing up to be the hero.

Those ancient humans that were the hungriest did better than those who were less hungry.

Those ancient humans that were the horniest, and could ONLY get laid after demonstrating productivity (killing monsters) did much better than those without that ceaseless sex drive.

Those that were motivated the most by those stories did better than those who weren't.

Feeding our dreaming mind is just as critical to our survival as feeding our guts.

Today, however, most everything is a trainwreck.

It's HARD to dream when everything comes easy.

At least enough food to not die.

And sex if you're willing to lower your standards and wear some thick beer goggles.

But that dreaming instinct still lives there.

Otherwise, movies, books, fiction, video games wouldn't exist.

All those serve the same purpose.

To allow us to imagine we are much better than we are.

To allow us to believe we are much more capable than we've been.

But here's the thing.

It's very, very easy to elicit that same dreaming mind conversationally.

The hardest part is keeping your yap shut.

Keep your yap shut and NOT try and impress them with the ideas in your head.

And allow yourself to BE IMPRESSED by the ideas in their head.

Particularly their fantasies and dreams.

When we are openly wondering about a potential future this is VERY hypnotic.

Similar to movie hypnosis.

Sure, if you can talk a good game, you can create the same effect.

But that's very difficult.

It takes a lot of practice.

But when you use the ideas that already EXIST?

And you build them as BIG and BRIGHT and COMPELLING as possible?

Their wonderful hypnotic future fantasies will be subconsciously connected to YOU.

Particularly your voice and your presence.

Give ANYBODY this gift, and they will NEVER forget you.


Learn How:


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