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Reverse Engineer Their Love Instinct


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Getting people to like you is pretty easy.

At least from a purely structural standpoint.

Getting people to like you is kind of like cooking something for somebody they'll like.

When we eat "good" stuff, it tastes "good."

This sounds like one of those circular arguments.

When we eat food we like, it gives us a pleasurable feeling.

We all have slightly different tastes.

But they break down to the same basic ingredients and flavors.

Similarly, we all like the same kind of people, but with slightly different tastes.

We all like people who generally have a positive outlook.

We like people who share.

Share their opinions, share their experiences, share their couch occasionally.

We also like people who like us when we share those same things with them.

Just like food, we like people who we "feel good" when we are around.

Some people try new food, take a bite, chew it and say, "uh, yeah, I'm gonna go get a burrito."

Some people we hang out with and we think the same thing.

Of course, when we decide we don't like somebody, we are much more polite.

There is ONE more key element that MUST be present in people we like, and who like us.

That the feeling is mutual.

In fact, all else equal, knowing that somebody "likes you" is enough to get you to like them.

Just that thought conjures up happy memories from school.

ESPECIALLY if this happens slowly.

You notice them.

They notice you noticing them.

So long as there is a very basic mutual POTENTIAL, that mutual like will grow in each others mind.

This is when we "notice" something about them we didn't notice before.

Consider that this slow, "mutual attraction generation process" is one of the MAIN reasons we have so many biases.

Food and Sex are THE two most important things for survival.

And since baby humans take a LOT of work, and time, that mutual "glue" has to be VERY STRONG to keep mom and dad together long enough.

The slower it happens, the stronger that glue holds.

One way to describe this is the "love" is really a form of "self hypnosis."

When you start to think about them more and more.

When they start to think about you more and more.

This HAS to be the strongest feeling there is.


Hunger is two sided.

The longer you go, the more your survival instincts will kick in.

But love, and sex, are ONE sided.

It can ONLY pull you from the positive side.

So it MUST be the strongest feeling we can ever feel.

And just like modern chemistry can "hack" our taste buds, we can also "hack" our self-hypnotic love instinct.

For love, for friendship, for romance, for pretty much anything.

Learn How:


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