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Making people happy feels good.

That's why most people love kids.

You don't have to put a lot of brainpower into making them smile.

Just make a bunch of silly noises and a goofy face and Bob's your uncle.

In fact, an anthropologist named Brown wanted to find something he called the "Universal People."

He modeled this idea after Chomsky, who became famous with his theory of "Universal Language."

According to Chomsky, all Earthlings speak the same language, only different dialects.

We all come pre-programmed with a "language instinct."

We all have the basic grammar wiring in our brains.

It's really a matter of listening to the local dialect and calibrating our language switches.

For example, English is subject-verb-object.

I ate peanut butter.

Japanese, on the other hand, is subject-verb-object.

I peanut butter ate.

And this is true all the way down to the phrases.

This is why once kids get all their innate language switches calibrated, around 2-3, they suddenly EXPLODE with fully formed sentences.

So, Brown was inspired by this.

And he found PLENTY of things that are the SAME across all cultures.

No matter how primitive or advanced.

For one, nobody likes to be watched while they take dump.

Everybody has some kind of belief in another "world" beyond what we can see.

Mythology, religion, etc.

Everybody is scared of snakes.

And EVERYBODY uses baby talk.

We all automatically alter our own communication when we see a kid.

Speak with a little higher voice.

Make a funny face.

We LOVE making little kids laugh.

And when we ARE kids, we LOVE making each other laugh.

Making friends, making each other laugh, including EVERYBODY is natural.

Kids are natural PLAYERS.

But then we grow up.

They say we are all born geniuses, but then we become "de-geniused" by the time we get through grade school.

Or we are "de-playered" by the time we get through grade school.

Our natural enthusiasm is hammered down.

We become TERRIFIED of approaching strangers.

We feel like we are putting ourselves in GRAVE danger, just by walking up and saying, "hey..."

The good news is this is false.

The even better news is that there is a very easy HACK around this common belief.

We see an interesting person across the room.

Our inner child, our natural player wants nothing more than to go over there and make them SMILE.

To laugh and have a good time.

But our elementary school hammering keeps us on the sideline.

So, what's the hack?

A dead simple system to make them feel happy BEFORE they know ANYTHING about you.

Before they even have a CHANCE to reject you, they'll be laughing and having a good time.

And they'll be the one WANTING you.

Learn How:



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