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A long, long time ago, humans were "persistence hunters."

Or more accurately, proto-humans were persistence hunters.

This is why we evolved hairless sweaty bodies and arched feet.

Arched feet to absorb the shock of jogging or running.

Sweaty and hairless so we could bleed off body heat.

The animals we chased after couldn't do this.

They would sprint up ahead, overheat, and have to stop and pant.

Eventually, we'd catch up.

Like an ancient tortoise vs. hare death match.

This was HOW we got energy.

Every animal needs energy.

And humans, and all primates like us are hierarchical.

Top monkeys are alpha.

Based on productivity.

So the ancient proto-humans who could consistently run the furthest to catch enough food for everybody were the heroes.

That all changed when we discovered fire.

Fire allowed us to strategize.

To light a bunch of fires to scare away the animals.

So we could hide in strategic places.

Running after an animal doesn't require much brainpower.

But lighting fires in strategic places does.

It requires a lot of conditional abstract thinking.

If this happens, then this might happen, so do this instead.

It requires a lot of teamwork, which requires a leader.

An ancient quarterback.

This is when our BRAINS became the alpha-tool.

Whoever had the BEST idea was the alpha.

Whoever had the best idea they could turn into delicious meat to feed starving tribal members would be loved, respected and admired.

It's not mystery why our BRAINS started growing around the time we invented fire.

Our visual cortex is 50% of our brain.

Seeing and processing images.

Imagining all the potential outcomes of any potential future.

Before fire, humans competed on PURE stamina.

After fire, humans competed by BRAINS.

Even today, two million years later, we compete with our brains.

If you're sitting in a boardroom trying to solve a problem, whoever has the BEST idea will win.

Ancient people who could their ideas into FOOD were respected, loved, and admired.

Modern people who can turn their ideas into products, services, interesting stories, etc., are loved, respected and admired.

If you're at party, and you can talk a good game, you'll be the center of attention.

If you're talking to a hot lady or a hot guy, and you can move their emotions with your brain-language power, they'll love you forever.

And brains are like muscles.

You can build them.

Build your thinking skills.

Build your speaking skills.

Build your imaginations skills.

There are few things that having a BETTER BRAIN won't make easier to get.

Get Started:


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