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Imagine if you were watching your favorite cooking show.

And you get inspired, and wanted to cook something fantastic.

So you went into your kitchen, ready to rock.

But the only raw ingredients you had were half a jar of mayonnaise, two moldy pieces of cheese, and some leftover takeout from three weeks ago.

Or how about this goofy idea.

Suppose you were out wandering around and stumbled into a Home Depot weekend class about how to build a deck in your back yard.

The teacher was charismatic and inspiring.

There were plenty of hot ladies in the class.

And you talked to some of these hot ladies during the break.

And they said things like:

"I love a guy with a deck, especially if he built it himself."

"It makes me SO horny!"

So you excitedly rushed home, ready build a deck for your future fantasy weekend orgy parties.

Only you don't have a back yard, you don't have any wood, and you don't even have a hammer, let alone nails.

These silly ideas sound pretty goofy.

But this is pretty much how people go about doing things.

We want a bunch of cool results, but we don't have the tools.

Or the skills.

If you want to cook some pretty cool stuff, you'll need three things.

Plenty of raw ingredients.

Plenty of cooking utensils.

Plenty of cooking skills.

Same goes with building a deck or building any other physical structure.

But this isn't just true for specific things.

This is true on the META level.

For example, suppose you wanted to cook something, but you had no idea WHAT.

So long as you had ingredients, utensils and some basic skills you could make something up.

Some people can ONLY cook from a recipe.

Some people can ONLY live life from a recipe.

That's fine if you want an average and safe life.

But if you want to live life like an experimental chef, you've got to have a KEY ingredient.

The ability to look at what exists, both in the world and in  your brain, and MAKE SOMETHING NEW.

Suppose you waned to make something new, in your kitchen, but all you had was a slice of cheese and a half empty jar of peanut butter.

Not much flexibility.

But suppose you wanted to make something new and your kitchen was FULL of good stuff?

Much easier.

Suppose you wanted to make something new in your life, but all you had in your brain were copy and paste recipes?

On the other hand, suppose you wanted to make something new, and you looked into your brain and found an INFINITE reserve of ideas?

That would be much easier, much more enjoyable, and much more FUN.

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