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The story of rubber is pretty interesting.

Vulcanize rubber was invented twice, at least.

Not really invented, but discovered.

Vulcanized, or hardened rubber is useful.

The sticky sappy stuff that comes out of trees, not so much.

It was first discovered by the Aztecs.

They described it as the semen from a flower mixed with the blood of a tree.

Or something like that.

But then when their civilization collapsed, so did the secrets or rubber.

If you've seen the movie "The Lost City of Z," it's got a pretty interesting premise.

A bunch of British guys had an "idea" that deep in the Amazon jungle was a huge ancient city.

Nobody believed them.

They went looking, and found a lot of ancient ruins.

But here's the kind of cool part.

The Natives that were living in the jungle at the time, had NO idea who build those ancient ruins.

Same people, but a few hundred years after the collapse.

This is what happens when a large and complex civilization loses most of it's population.

The population in any large civilization, no matter how complex, can be seen as a "collective memory."

So long as somebody writes down all that information, it CAN be preserved.

But this is rarely the case.

So once the population dies down, and without a lot of written records, and not a lot of literacy in the subsequent people, the mysteries and scientific breakthroughs of any previous "hive mind" are lost.

Until somebody "re-discovers" the same thing.

Which is exactly what Charles Goodyear did.

The tire empire guy built his entire fortune by accident.

To his credit, he'd been TRYING to figure out how to vulcanize rubber for a long time.

But the as the legend goes, one day he got frustrated, and angrily threw something.

Something accidentally mixed with something else and BOOM.

Vulcanized rubber.

Kind of like a lucky, peanut butter in my chocolate, accident.

This is one of the meanings of the famous saying:

Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

This is often misunderstood.

That one day, you're sitting there staring off into space, and you "get" a genius idea.

Only after that genius idea comes do you get to work.

But the reality is much different.

The reality is that 1% inspiration comes WITHIN a ton of perspiration.

When your "go to" background thinking is:

"How can I do X better?"

Most people have a much different background thinking pattern.

More like:

"I'm bored. Somebody entertain me."

The space in which genius shows up MUST be curiosity.

Curiosity about you can MAKE something or DO something or EXPRESS something better than before.

Better than everybody else.

Curiosity combined with continuous trial and experimentation.

In the lab, in your mind, in conversations.

This is where genius lives.

Get Started:



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